You Won’t Believe What This KIDS MAKEUP Can Do!

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48 Comments on “You Won’t Believe What This KIDS MAKEUP Can Do!”

    1. It’s very easy to reach maximum obsession level with Denitslava. And most of us ended up here just like u did. We randomly came across a short clip/video and immediately subscribed to her channel with all notifications on 😂. Hope u have a good rest of ur day.

  1. It depends where you find the kids makeup LOL I miss my first “kids makeup” set I had, I had so many eyeshadow and blush and lipstick colors, and they were so bold. It was such a long time ago, I doubt they still make that makeup. They probably have new colors and stuff now… but it was the cutest thing! All the eyeshadows were actually wearable colors, and they came in little star shaped pans!

    1. Ur definitely not the only one. I fell victim to her 2 years ago, and after watching that 1st video I subscribed and tapped all notifications. It was love at 1st sight 😂

  2. ever since I randomly found your channel you’ve been my comfort YouTuber.
    I watch you whenever I’m feeling down and every time you manage to make everything better. I hope you have a good rest of your day deni <3

  3. I feel like we all had some sort of makeup as a kid we loved, mine consisted of a blue eyeshadow, a bush and three lipgloss shades, it was absolute trash, but I loved it ❤️

  4. I literally love her sense of humor, she’s so fun and there is something about her that makes me relaxed, I often watching her videos to boost my mood. Her makeup skill is also amazing. 🧡

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