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41 Comments on “YOU NEED TO SEE THIS 😳”

  1. Agreed Deni! They hurt most of the time, and pull off all my baby hair!😒 No matter how much I try to avoid hair the peel off mask WILL find it!😳

  2. My hair is always being pulled off by face masks… no matter how much I try not to pull any hair off, there always is. And facemasks hurt so much!!! LIKE WUHSUGWYSGYUWGSUYW- one time I put on a facemask for the correct timing that tthe package said and it hurtso bad it wouldn’t even come off to where the point that I had a rash from it.😅So agreed.

    Edit: When I went to get a facial, I got special masks that won’t leave a rash from harshness.

    1. Its probably bc your skin is sensitive and wouldn’t tolerate physical exfoliators like peeling masks whereas when done by a professional they know how to not hurt you. You dont need a physical exfoliator if your skin is not ok with it, you can try the leave on exfoliators instead!
      (ps. If a product doesnt feel comfortable on your skin then it’s probably not suited for your skin!)

  3. I love your videos so much 💞😭. They always so cute and funny. I once had a glitter peel off mask, mines was pink. It was so fun to apply because of the pink glitter lol.

  4. Denny: What truly scares me are peel off masks 😨
    Bandaids: *Let me introduce myself*

    But like why do they have to make the bandaid so sticky 👁️👄👁️

  5. I recently discovered your videos and i love them!! i have a request for you!! can you please do a make up look from all claires products??!!!

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