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    1. I’m in the dad bod range. 5’8, 173lbs. So the slim sheer tees you find at most places just don’t work for me. They highlight every bulge, roll, lump, etc. So I seek out the heaviest weight tees I can find like the Dickies heavyweight or Carhartt K87 paired with a wife beater to smooth things out. I’ve slowly been getting into looser fit bottoms as well. I did the slim/skinny pants for a while but I’ve been picking up tapered and relaxed workwear pants lately.

  1. All you need is long legs, period. There’s a reason why short girls can wear oversized jackets and tops and still look good. Your body proportions just need to be mostly legs and your good. (70% legs and 30% torso is ideal).

    1. I think having a skinny/sculpted face also matters a lot bc I’ve grown up always hearing from ppl how I have long legs and good proportions but since my face is chubby in comparison to what my body looks like, wearing oversized clothes makes me look +30 pounds since it basically covers the outline of my body which makes it look like a blob

  2. Growing up my mom would always dress me with oversized clothes to make them last, so when I got into dressing sWaGgy id be dressing on XL skater clothes looking like an AI cosplay. The real problem came when XL DID fit. Now I just look


    1. You guys are right, at this point I’m in here for the memes and good edits on videos also for inspo on outfits.
      But I don’t even wear jewelry/accessories or that much oversized stuff like he does, I just enjoy the content.

    1. The vpice in my head: you see that that looks awful go and cry about like you always do and then sped a month veing depressed evelop8ng am ED in the meantime 😉

  3. My fashion goals are this, I want it to be cool, comfortable, functional, durable/rugged and I want to be able to get a date or go on a date while wearing it… so whatever’s in my closet that’s able to do that is what I’m wearing.

  4. I almost exclusively wear baggy clothes, everyone should embrace the way of baggy clothes. You can look good, and be comfortable, I see 0 down sides.

    1. I used to wear fitted clothes and saw that it was DEFINITELY smaller to pack. I could do a backpack for 1 week of travel. with oversized clothes, I have to size up to a rolling luggage, and if you have to check it in so there is that one drawback.

  5. I’m ✨short✨ so I don’t have many options especially when it comes to outerwear (also pants are always too long for me) and now I’m just trying to work with it and make the fact that most clothes are big on me look like a ✨fashion choice ✨

  6. I have always loved and always bought oversized clothes, my family always complained. Annnnnnd the reason I love it is very simple. It’s comfortable and you can wear it if you lose or gain weight. I can still fit all my clothes from my lowest and my highest weight in my life. To me the best feeling oversized clothes show is that they feel “huggable” (?) I don’t know where this feeling comes from but since very young I always found people wearing baggy to be very nice and having a good heart lol

    1. the huggableee thing is so truuuuu! like the peace and comfort within. but yep same issues with my family, complaining about my clothes. they said that i should wear clothes like a woman; be a woman. sad to hear those words from them but yep i never comply. plus me having social anxiety and very self conscious, so yep a no no for them. im trying.

    2. @Astrid omg yeeees! I too have social anxiety and even if people say I am hidding underneath my clothes, I mean… whatever.. it just makes ne feel really safe and comfortable. The worst the place and days for S.A. the bigger the clothes. But you know, with time they are complaining less and less, so it’s a win I guess. I find it really interesting that you co-related baggy clothes to social anxiety, I wonder if other people in the same situation as us feel the same as well (?) 🤔

  7. i honestly never plan on using oversized cothing, considering i only wear classical menswear, but this was none the less a very good explanation of such style 🙂

  8. This has been my style since my freshman year in high school, realizing small clothes will be outgrown just made me realize I can up a size and still wear it in the future

    Having short legs on top of being short is literally the source of all my problem. I always wondered why people who are the same height as I (or even shorter) look a lot better with oversized clothes or clothes in general. It’s because they have longer leg! Ah joy 🙂

    1. and also, your legs have to be skinny. If you’re like me (short and slight overweight) then goddamn you’ll felt like you look terrible in every clothing style. i became overweight back in the lockdown period and now struggling to go back to 50kg (i am now 75kg and 164cm)

  10. UNIQLO Airism Oversized shirts are game-changers. They’re oversized horizontally, not vertically, making you look GOOD and COMFY at the same time. Great selection of colors too and only $16

  11. Oversized fashion still fits where it counts, because it’s designed to be loose in specific, strategic areas. Depending on the piece it may still fit in the shoulders, under the arms, around the crotch, and like you said is always the right length… That is how it still looks good. That’s why sizing up indiscriminately looks awful more often than not– the piece wouldn’t be designed to size

  12. I was 160-170 for such a long time. I would wear a size medium in everything. Over the past few years I’ve ballooned up to 230lbs. So to hide the fat and feel more comfortable I’ve been buying more oversized clothing, it feels great! I’m gonna work on losing the weight but not gonna give up the oversized clothes

  13. the only problem i have with oversized clothes is that it hides my waist. i have a muscular body. thick thighs, wide shoulders… but my waist is very much SNATCHED. i like that about my body. i also like oversized stuff. but when i wear oversized clothes, i feel like everyone just assumes im big in size. that makes me uncomfortable for some reason and it makes me want to show off my pretty waist all the time. the worst part is that being big isnt even a bad thing. i feel guilty for feeling like it is. i wish showing off abs to random strangers on the street was a normal thing to do

    1. @Tea you’re a lifesaver… i just tried it out and it really works so wellelelel. finally i got a defined waist while being comfortableee. thank you sm

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