why these *simple* TOAST recipes went VIRAL? …I had to try them

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🍳 Crispy Egg Toast Recipe – https://youtu.be/Iv6_GO8dm2Y
🍜 Korean Spicy Noodle Toast Recipe – https://youtu.be/6qModYzavV8
🥛 Moist and soft milk toast – https://youtu.be/x5D_ky_9I9Q

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32 Comments on “why these *simple* TOAST recipes went VIRAL? …I had to try them”

  1. Finallyyyy!!! it felt years waiting for a new video. but this kind of editing, IT’S WORTH IT! annnnddddd deni? who can resist her😭 im obsessed 😍

  2. some of the few things that kept me engaged during me being in quarintine is you are amazing and editing it is bomb gurl you are the cutest illllyyyyy

  3. OMG I was literally just thinking about watching Denny’s video, Denny, girl, YOU MAKE MY DAYY!! You’re so pretty and cute and your voice is just AAAHHHHHHHH SOOOO CUUUTTTEEEEE and ofc your editing skills, GIRL YOU ARE FIRREEEE!!!

  4. I’ve made sandwich with Korean spicy ramyeon and it tastes bombs. Deni try making sandwich with pasta and lots of cheese, you’re gonna absolutely love it

  5. Butter can be frozen until you need it! No need to prep it as long as it is sealed, just stick it in the fridge. When you start running low of usable butter pull out your reserved butter into the fridge to allow it to thaw.
    There you go, buy in bulk my friend! 😃

  6. The last one looks a lot like a spanish “torrija”! It just needs a little bit of cinnamon 🤭 It’s a typical dessert during the holy week and easter!

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