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38 Comments on “WHY IS EVERYONE DOING THIS?! 😨”

    1. What makes people like you so excited when they get likes on a comment? I’m actually curious. I see people say omg I’ve never got this many likes very often.

    2. @Kristiana Marie well for starters it’s like you randomly thought something and decided to put it out to the world and found out oh damn there’s so many more who get the same random thought I did…kind of gives some comfort that I’m not alone in my randomness…I hope that explained it

  1. Yeah I mix my foundation with my moisturizer too, other wise it’s too thick of a coverage for me.
    Especially since I have a more tanned skin color, it’s hard to find foundation that fits my skin color completely, so if I put on foundation as it is, I either look orange, pink, chalky or a bit too dark.

    But when I mix with a moisturizer, I get a light sheer coverage that doesn’t make my face look like an MNM.

  2. Thank you, Deni, for telling us the simple solution of mixing foundation with moisturizer to make it sheer. Who has time to froth their make-up?! Sheesh!

  3. Its actually surprising that everyone has only started to mix foundation with water now. My mother had always used water with foundation, she was the one who taught me this. And, yes, u can mix foundation with moisturiser or any creme, it’ll not only decrease the amount of foundation you have use but will also turn the foundation’s shade tad bit lighter

  4. I absolutely love your videos, always puts a smile on my face even when feeling really low, also your so beautiful with make up and without make up also your so adorable, please don’t stop doing videos because they make my day xx

  5. Thank you, not all trends are worth trying and some of them probably aren’t started organically. Someone probably bought stock in frothers and convinced an influencer to start this.

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