WHICH SIDE IS BETTER? – Trying Viral TikTok Makeup Trend

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Products Used :
– VIEVE eye wand in Mahogany – https://bit.ly/3BquWQ0

– FENTY Beauty Flyliner liquid eyeliner – https://bit.ly/3z9PICU

– HAUS Labs Eye-dentify eye pencil in Punk – https://bit.ly/2YdXNch

– FENTY Beauty Full Frontal mascara – https://bit.ly/3BoQXyN

– MELT Cosmetics Brunet palette – https://bit.ly/3kuO5cQ

– HUDA Beauty Precision liquid eyeliner – https://bit.ly/3gKT6No

– HOUSE OF Lashes ( false lashes ) in Ethereal Lite – https://bit.ly/3gGuw00

– HAUS Labs Stpid Love eyeshadow palette – https://bit.ly/3ynAl8I

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38 Comments on “WHICH SIDE IS BETTER? – Trying Viral TikTok Makeup Trend”

  1. Dear person that’s reading this, we may not know each others but I wish you all the best in life!✨ Stop blaming yourself, accept things and go forward. Your smile is precious 🥰 all the keys of happiness is in your hands, so open it up 🔓

    *I believe in you, Love from a small YouTuber!* 🖤….

    1. Me. And I can’t stop watching her. She can really make your day with her hilarious personality and that’s the type of influencer I like to watch. But her looks are amazing. 🙂

  2. THE SHIMER IS MISSING!!! 😭 BTW I looooooove number 2it’s bright and absolutley amazing!!! (I also love number one, but not as much as I love number 2 😁)

  3. Yeah it does make a difference. Both of the eye looks are looking awesome on you you must try no.1 eye makeup more.
    What’s missing is Shimmers😄😄😄.

  4. #2 is more into my style but would be totally in your style with some shimmers, like how it is possible to see Deni’s makeup without some sparkles 😭😂

  5. I just wanna say. You make my day so much better. Your personality shines through the camera and omg I just feel like we are two friends hanging out.

  6. No one:
    Literally not a single one:
    Not a single soul in the whole universe:
    Me watching this at 3 am: Dennyyyyyyy…where are the shimmers…that’s the thing you are missingg…just know it already !!
    OK BYE.
    LOVE YOU ❤️

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