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30 Comments on “WHICH SIDE IS BETTER? Black Smokey VS Fox Eye”

  1. Ooooh they both look good!! I’ve been loving foxy eye looks lately😍 so happy to see you doing makeup videos again, even tho I love all the videos that you do!💙

  2. Omg i was literally scrolling through youtube one day and discovered her now i am obsessed. Her accent, bubbly personality, even the channels pet ‘mouse’ is sooooo cute, her editing skills are fire, last but not least her sound effects are like magic who else agrees?

  3. It really depends on where you’re going. Like you said, the smokey eye would need a specific occasion for the look to fit. The foxy eye is a little more universal. I love them both, though. 🥰🥰🥰

  4. My exams are going on & there’s so much stress goin’ on but watching your videos make me feel so happy & better ❤️💙💜
    Loads of love to you Deni 💗🌼

  5. The “hello lovely people, how are you guys doing wwwwwhhatss up” has a whole cheerful & cute vibe 💙💜❤️
    And I prefer the foxy eye a little bit more because it is little easier than the smokey one 😅🌼

  6. Hii, i am a makeup artist and all i can say for the question “which side is better?” Is that both sides are different styles of makeup , each one is beautiful in their own way ❤️.
    Love youu and i love watching your videos🔥

  7. Love the simple look because it is wearable and can match with any wardrobe looks fast and easy to do. The dramatic side looks good on a glamorous dress or pants suit.

    Happy Thanksgiving Denny.

  8. I love both, I would wear the emo goth 1 look when I’m out with my friends or something cause bold eyeshadow looks better on me. And I’ll wear 2nd look when I’m with my family or some professional event cause it looks well professional.
    Both the looks are brilliant Deni! Great job!

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