What Could Possibly Go Wrong??

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40 Comments on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong??”

  1. Hey Denny! I just wanted to let you know your editing has gotten soo much better! Another thing, you make me so happy! Thank you

  2. Is it just me or there’s no way someone could be sad after watching Denny’s videos – it’s just impossible because she’s filled with lots of positive energy and it spreads sooo quickly!

  3. on the first picture of her videos she looks always like she doesn’t know what she’s doing and it’s like she’ just tries something, but after so many times, we all know that our Denny can fix everything, she’s better than any other make up artist!
    sooooo happy to have you in my life, you give us such a positive energy <3

  4. So good to see you on here Denny! It’s been a while. I know we get to see your shorts, which are always great, but having a 12 minute video is even better. 😉 Love you humor and your creative editing. You are so talented at what you do. 🙂

  5. I’ve said this several times but I get amazed with her new videos everytime!!! her puns are on point😂 and she is a very talented video editor it took me few seconds to distinguish her between those flamingos 😂😂

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