What are the women’s beauty standards around the world?

From an obsession with tanning to bleaching creams, this is how women adhere to beauty standards around the world.

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48 Comments on “What are the women’s beauty standards around the world?”

  1. This is a great video, I would be interested to know if possible what are character traits desired in various countries. Such as outgoing, friendly, flirtatious, witty, intelligent, shy, etc. Thank you

    1. There is more and more pressure about the topic of beauty with every decade that pasts … I was almost crying watching this video 🙁

  2. It is a great video but gotta say that It is sad that in a lot of counties cosmetic surgery seems like “the only way out”, looking good is important, but not everything, and i don’t know if it’s just me but I noticed that girls are started to look more and more similar because people are following all these “trends” rather than be yourself.

    So I would like to see a video on how people from different counties(both men and women) perceives plastic surgeries.

  3. In the UK I think the beauty standards vary widely but the typical type of beauty standards that stick out are the “Geordie Shore” or “The Only Way is Essex” examples. But because a lot of foreigners have come to the UK now I think it’s a mixed bag

    1. Many people in Europe are still very skinny, although they don’t go to the gym many Europeans walk or cycle a lot of the time. The fat shaming in Europe is x10 worse than it is in America lmao

    2. And this is so true, I have never even consider going to the gym, and I wear make up only on spécial occasions, I guess I’m more frenchy than I though lol

  4. We live in a crazy complex world as evidenced by this video. I greatly enjoyed the beauty standards for women in France and China despite being born in the U.S

  5. True about India.It is pretty sad that dark girls are often not considered beautiful,but you forgot to mention eyes,cause well rounded and shapely eyes is the second gradient of beauty.

    1. If they aren’t considered beautiful then how most of them get married?. Majority of marriages in India are arranged. So if nobody find them beautiful then they should be still single.

    2. @Alok Baluni – arranged marriage doesn’t need the guy to find the girl attractive, it’s “arranged” for a reason

      – most guys will go with “less attractive girl” than no one at all (not that they’re handsome to start with)

  6. It’s so interesting how beauty standards differ around the world, often desired characteristics being on opposite ends of the spectrum! Thanks for the insightful and informative video!

  7. Hi! I’m Arab and beauty standards for middle eastern women are quite simple: we like wide eyes with heavy eyeliners, a curvy body is very wanted as well! we also prefer silky, super long, thick hair!

  8. To me beauty stadard is natural – No tan, no skin withening, no eating
    disorders, no plastic surgeries – and the rest depends on how it suits you, how you own it.. Beauty is subjective. The lesson here
    is that every nation wants to change their flaws, but flaws can be
    beautiful, perfection itself stops being that. Just love yourselves
    people, seriously.

  9. The ones who are pale are tanning themselves and the ones who are already tan want themselves to be fair and pale.

    The whole world thinks the grass is greener on the other side.

    1. More like there’s a midpoint and you have an opposite reaction to get there than the people on the other side, but have the same goal

    2. Flora fauna: What Is your point exectlly? Someone said they ar tanning to look black? Or do u think blacks wanna be white? Everyone wants to look caramel it seems. They wouldn’t change their complexion so drastically even with the higest effort.

  10. I wanna go to France now.Also,I totally agree with the Indian one.I really hope its changing,the people of my generation are striving towards abolishing this snow white skin obsession.

  11. To me accentuating your natural and ethnic looks is beautiful. Every ethnicity and every person has their own beauty and shouldn’t try to look like somebody else. I think every ethnicity and every human is beautiful!

  12. Interesting video. I am living in Japan (but from the USA). Would love to see a video comparing beauty standards in different Asian countries…

  13. Great video, I love seeing how things are viewed differently in different cultures.

    In my country Somalia, women with a lot of hair on their head, eye brows and arms (yes arms :p) are found beautiful, although i think this preference may fade soon. I found it interesting when I first heard in many other countries women with no body hair were preferred. Culture can be very interesting.

  14. I used to hate that my skin was so white and now I embrace that and don’t even think about tanning which hurts fair skin more than most other types.

  15. The whitening is not only issue in India. You forgot to mention: Korea, Japan and China for that mater. Luxury cosmetics like Chanel, YSL, Lancom… etc, have special section/products for Asian women whitening. Half of their incomes comes from the aforementioned countries’ whitening cosmetics consumption.

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