Weight Loss Journey: 3 Detox Drinks That HELPED Me Lose 30 lbs In 3 Weeks | PART.1 | Chazslifestyle


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➡️These 3 detox drinks were incorporated into my daily diet.
More content coming discussing exactly what I did to lose 30 lbs in 3 weeks. 🎉
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Disclaimer: I am not a health practitioner, be sure to read over the ingredients list and make sure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients mentioned in this video. Chaz’s Lifestyle channel, does not take any responsibility for any harm, illness or side effects cause by the information stated or shown in this video. Please, be sure to check with your practitioner if you have any concerns or medical related questions.

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Juicing Essentials

Juicer – Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth Large 3” Feedchute, Easy to Clean, Centrifugal, BPA Free, 800W Motor, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00E0IBKLQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_JRQNBQPDN9TKR1VZZ5JE

Small clear glass bottles – 12, 2 oz Small Clear Glass Bottles (60ml) with Lids & 3 Stainless Steel Funnels – Boston Round Sample Bottles for Potion, Juice, Ginger Shots, Oils, Whiskey, Liquids – Mini Travel Bottles, NO Leakage https://www.amazon.com/dp/B088R6QXPC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_X0ZFRYPGNQMM8EYRFAMF

Glass Bottles – Glass Water Bottles 6 Pack With… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWLI6DF?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Pineapple Drink:

1 Pineapple, peeled & Diced
1 Cucumber
4 tbsp Ginger, peeled
3-4 Cups, alkaline water
Bunch of Mint (opt)
( Use a Straw while drinking this detox drink)

Orange-ginger shots:
5’oranges, peeled
3-4 tbsp, Ginger

Apple Cider Detox Shots:

2 tbsp, apple cider vinegar
3 cinnamon sticks
1/2-1 tsp cayenne (the amount depends on what you can handle)
3 cups , hot alkaline water
1 Tsp Honey(opt)
1 Tsp Lemon juice(opt)

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57 Comments on “Weight Loss Journey: 3 Detox Drinks That HELPED Me Lose 30 lbs In 3 Weeks | PART.1 | Chazslifestyle”

  1. thanks…definitely gonna try the juices with or without being able to lose the 30lbs in 3 weeks. this helps give me some direction in juicing. btw, although we commonly acknowledge cucumber as a vegetable, it’s actually a fruit because of the seeds.🙂

    1. @Syler Been exactly just like saying eating salads all the time can make you lose weight. No, salads can actually help you gain weight especially if you love dressings and the types of veggies you use and the amount of salads you eat.

    2. @Neiky Stephenso that’s why you don’t drown your salads in dressings. Go for oils or vinaigrettes and portion the salad. I wouldn’t advise always using croutons and I’d put baked chicken or baked fish. Keep the salad mostly healthy. But you can really gain weight from everything if it’s an excessive amount.

  2. I’m on day two of these- they looked so good. I added turmeric and chia seed to my oj/ginger. Also, I used the pineapple skins and made bromelain tea I put in the fridge. Supposed to help digestion and inflammation plus uses all the fruit. Boil the skins and simmer for an hour. Strain over slices of ginger and 1 T of palm sugar. It’s delicious! Fingers crossed this juicing will move the needle on this menopause body.

    1. I love the pineapple skin tea. I even added the orange peels, lemon peels, and a little hibiscus to mine when I boiled. It’s a cool summer tea. My stomach went down and my knees stopped hurting.

    1. Hello, can you please tell me what juicer you have? Yours seems to have a lot thinker juice then mine did. I bought a brand new juicer I couldn’t afford and it was pretty much junk. Most of the good stuff with juicewise went out the back end. I need to get a good one that will give me thick juice. Thank you! And thank you for the video

    2. thanks luv this is helpful. made the 1st pine and cuc ginger drink tonight. it tasted good and hopefully will help my bowels move. I’m also going to do the 3rd one. I do hope it will help relieve my bloating.

  3. Thanks for posting!! You look great. I am glad that you posted the update video as I just literally bought all the tools and food needed to create this detox. I hope I can stick it out have have similar results!!!

  4. Hunnntttyyy, I started this last Sunday and today is Monday and I weighed myself….I LOST 5 POUNDS!!! GIRRRLLLL IM DOING THIS THE REST OF MY LIFE!!! THANKS DOLL😘

    1. can u send me info on what regimen u did with this? She doesn’t explain it clearly and I’m tired of replaying the video for clarification. TIA! 😂

    2. @Gee Mail sure, it’s Thurs, I’m down 8lbs!!!( I also walk 45 min 4days a week) I make the drink in the morning and I have one glass for breakfast with three boiled eggs, then for lunch I just have a chicken breast fried or grilled and just one then I snack on strawberries or pears through the day and then for dinner I have the drink again with a regular Garden salad and a side of vegetables like spinach or broccoli and it’s been working perfectly I’m not even tired of it either try a combination of food something like that everybody likes different things but that combination is working for me.😘

    3. @A K I’m down 12 pounds now, you sound like a hater,I’ve been consistent which is the key if you knew anything about weight loss,I take vitamins and I also do aerobics and I’m CONSISTENT with my meal plan…SO STOP HATIN GO BUY U A BLENDER N GET IT POPPIN’ ….IF YOU AINT GOT NOTHIN POSITIVE TO SAY THEN DONT ADDRESS ME,PERIOD✌🏾

  5. I’m a new subscriber. I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to share this information with us. It is very much appreciated! Keep up the great work!

  6. 👏What determines the amount of oz to drink and how many times a day? 🖐 I use a couple of healthy weight loss drinks to be taken at nighttime which I really like the results. I wake up feeling lighter therefore not wanting to eat heavy food to make me feel full sluggish along with a healthy diet of veggies, salmon, Tuna Fish filets and plenty of water. I have hypothyroidism so I have to be very careful with eating unhealthy carbs.

  7. I really don’t use this as a weight loss drink but thank you for making easy anti-inflammatory drinks. If you weight lift or are overweight and lifting or trying to. This definitely helps with joint pains and soreness.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing that info. I just stumbled across this video and what piqued my interest most was the juicing. I’m plagued by inflammation and soreness so this is music to my ears. Can’t wait to try!

  8. As I am watching this, I was wondering about the conversion as well since I only have my blender right now since I have also been making my son’s fruit squeezes. Also, I am wondering about swapping the ACV for RV instead as the ACV can cause severe indigestion, as it did for me, so I had to switch to rice vinegar. But I think I will try these on top of my green smoothie a day. I also do a green/lemon/ginger tea that used to help.

  9. I appreciate you so much for being your authentic self thank you for sharing this is just the introduction I needed everything you said from start to beginning is so accurate ❤

  10. Im 5 foot 9 male 215lbs and 29% body fat now, Lost 30 pounds in the last 3 months. I have another 50 lbs to lose still, I’m losing about 2.5lbs a week through eating 1,800 calories a day breakfast, lunch and dinner 500 cals each meal, and 300cals for snacks or dessert. I’m eating regular foods but I’m counting my calories using a kitchen scale. My weekly workout routine, I run/jog/walk 4 miles in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I lift weights or do calisthenics on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I play Tennis on Saturday and/or Sunday. My goal by end of June 2023 is to be 165lbs or 15% body fat. Im glad I’m enjoying the food and its a diet I can continue on even after I reach my goal, maybe ill just eat 2,000 cals to maintain the weight I guess, will see.

    1. Good for you! That’s a very good balance of eating well and exercising and if you stick with it, no doubt you’ll lose the weight you want to and maybe even more. Keep it up 💪🏽💪🏽

  11. Thank you, I do my own smoothie detox so love this video good to know because I need to fit into my wedding dress next year. This summer want to look great! Covid packed pounds on lol so thank you so much for this video. ❤

  12. Chaz first of all thank you so much for sharing. Congratulations on your success in such a quick time and such a healthy way. I had an injury and I’m quiet a few years older than you having had a hysterectomy so like you said it helped you but you never know it might help me more due to my anatomy of no large intense on top of the hysterectomy. I’m always searching you tube for great smoothie and juices due to the fact that is the only way from fruit or veggies I get the nutrients from them. My questions and I hope you still log on is where did you get your bottles for storage and is that a food processor/blender you are using or is that a juicer. So many contraption now a days I never know which is which. Once again thank you so much for sharing you are impacting others lives in such a positive way may many blessings fall upon you.❤

  13. No matter what you choose, diet, exercise or meds. Weight loss is not easy. I recently shared my story on my channel, on how I lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks, which could be really helpful to anyone struggling with weight loss.

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