Wearable Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To BUY NOW!

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Wearable Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To BUY NOW!
I LOVE Winter fashion BUT I don't like paying the often hefty prices that come with Winter fashion so today I've rounded up a few Winter style staples that are not only bang on trend but won't break the bank either. Some of these pieces aren't "cheap" as such but in my humble opinion they are still a good price for what they are. For me that means they are a quality piece that will last for many years so worth spending a little more on because I know these pieces will stand the test of time and I'll get to enjoy them for years to come. PLUS and most importantly they will keep me warm. And speaking for warm I'm heading to the US in the next few weeks and will need all the winter warmth I can get as I'm heading for the east coast so I'm expecting to be COLD! At this stage it is looking like I may have a little time in LA first so I would LOVE any recommendations of things to do and see in LA at this time of year – thanks SO much in advance for your ideas. I'm also planning to shoot some videos while I'm in the US and I'm especially keen to do a little thrifting so I'd love to hear your favourite LA thrift stores to check out too please.

Anyway, thanks so much for watching today's episode and I look forward to seeing you again real soon.


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1. Fringe Trimmed cape: https://rstyle.me/+FqoYoFZf7ikWP7kw3WpRYg
2. Knit sweater dress: https://rstyle.me/+lK-f7BeoSks3SSxgeQnclQ
3. Chunky Winter high tops: https://rstyle.me/+ny2MZfsfkfRbTY9YYf10aw
4. Down and feather filled puffer: https://rstyle.me/+c2Yi1aMc9R9f4ITAon0DCg
5. Faux Shearling Coat: https://rstyle.me/+hhauMGpJYdHFBh9FzGb6GA
6. Wool funnel neck coat: https://rstyle.me/+S3jI02laTm28IXume7ldIw
7. Turtleneck sweaters: https://rstyle.me/+A-SDiJUmchUwWKrn0QPMPA
8. Striped long sleeve striped knit tee: https://rstyle.me/+hj87T3kZZ6ZUcV4HkfPmgw
9. Crew neck merino wool tops: https://rstyle.me/+Ln2G5Lefx2724Y93jLb88Q
10. Hooded mock collar: https://rstyle.me/+5HTKT8855ngXOfW6B6Cukw
11. Leather waterproof bootie: https://rstyle.me/+jv0C0EE2GvYU3XdH77pQBA
12. Waterproof bootie with lug sole: https://rstyle.me/+dNvhaBSX799oXTIsKyIC1w
13. Tartan boucle scarf: https://rstyle.me/+jAK6HUzCPxh_aMFzLTB0tg
14. Fold over gloves: https://rstyle.me/+3VXSd9cTOZ6ZPmUUEHimmA
15. Alpaca and wool sweater: https://www.zara.com/us/en/alpaca-and-wool-blend-sweater-p09598111.html?v1=229816146
16. Oversized turtle neck sweater: https://rstyle.me/+xLJrCy1B8aSOCH1-MUlr2g


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Some of these links may be affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you buy any of the pieces. You don't pay more though. Wearable fashion trends in 2023

47 Comments on “Wearable Winter 2022 Fashion Trends To BUY NOW!”

  1. I love shearling coats, as I am always freezing. Once I discovered, three years ago, that they are indeed warmer than any fur, my love affair with them started. I now have three of them. I must stop myself next year from buying yet another one 😀.

    1. @Antonia Z Yes, but it is worth the investment. I do spend about 100 dollars to haveminecleaned and made waterproof every one to two years. I will do anything not to freeze and get a urinary track infection.

    2. @The Style Insider Hi Leonie. Not sure if you are addressing this to me. If you’re asking about my winter coats…

      My shearling is a stroller length. Just above the knee. I wear it with pants/leggings. I have two fur coats from the 1970s that I had restyled so they are reversible, now shirred, also stroller length, one dark brown mink, one black classic lined beaver. (I come from Montrealer, a fur town!) . Four puffers of different lengths and weights and colours. One midi camel wrap coat. One 1980s midi alpaca navy blue wrap coat which my seamstress updated to make it look fabulous. One 2003 (zip out) lined maxi black leather, with fur collar and cuffs, that makes me feel like Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago. It used to be midi but, ever since I broke my back and neck and got to 71, I shrank FOUR inches!! But I like the length and will wear it for dressier occasions.

  2. Hi Leonie loved this really informative video ❤I have never seen those mock collars before 🤔 I have never worn shearling because here it’s usually always hot 🥵 you look so smart in black ❤ the clothes you showed in the pictures all looked fabulous but maybe because the models are so slim !!!!! How exciting you going to US hope you have a fantastic time there. Lol ❤

    1. Agree! Never seen those mock collars either here in Sweden!
      Yep! Skinny models makes all clothes look good!😒
      Have two puffers one dark navy blue with syntetic fluff filling that I use almost every day during winter and one white that I only bring out on special occations… very seldom due to down and colour…!😢
      Will try and use it more!
      Bye from 🇸🇪❄️🌨🧊

  3. I have a down filled puffer coat 🧥 that I got when I was in high school! That was 40 years ago! I promise! It’s still in perfect condition. BTW it was 25 dollars which was ALOT for my Mom.

  4. Great video as always. I’m based in Sweden where all of your suggestions are appropriate, however I’m preparing for an upcoming trip to NZ (and looking for summer clothes) which makes this all a bit confusing 😂 Listening to your lovely kiwi accent makes me fuzzy inside, but then… puffers?! Haha, hopefully I can leave that one at home when I come visit your beautiful country. Great work Leonie!

  5. Leonie, thank you for introducing Alpaca wool. I am new to cold weather and learning how to stay warm. Last yr, I bought alpaca socks just to try because they are pricey. They are my favorite socks. They are so so soft and keep my feet warm in a different way from wool. I just gave them as birthday presents to friends who live in Vail.

  6. Hi Leonie! I have a fringe trimmed cape. Planning on wearing it to church Christmas morning. My best outfit? It’s kinda a plaid. Has gray, navy, burgundy. Lots of winter colors. Thank you for validating those capes are nice.😍

  7. I definitely need the waterproof booties. It’s very wet in the winter where I live, and adding a hood to items that don’t have one might be really helpful. Thanks

  8. “Shades of sunset”trend:)
    much thank You for burning screen adding
    to today’s production
    well done, informative and enjoyable
    to love expensive winter2022 a little bit more
    …and neon nails

  9. I used to have a shearling coat. But after getting a puffer I sold it because the shearling just seemed bulky, heavy & delicate. Much prefer my puffer coats.

  10. I love this time of year. Being in LA doesn’t often enough find me reaching for really wintery pieces although this season has so far changed that and I’m super thrilled! I’m loving wearing all my knits, shearling coats, puffer vests, boots and beanies so this video is right up my alley. P.S… love the creative new format. Did you learn these tricks from Skillshare? 😃

    1. Great question and yes I think I probs did learn some of them from Skillshare!!!! Also good to know what the weather is doing in LA as I should be there in the next couple of weeks x

  11. I’ve got 5 Shearlings, need them in the UK when it’s Cold or Freezing for 6 Months, 3 Knee Length Hooded Coat’s, One Light Grey, One Cream and One Dark Brown and they are all Gorgeous and Very Warm and also 2 Shorter Jackets a Light Brown Hooded One and a Black Belted One x have also Lot’s of different Stripe Tops 🥰🥰🥰

  12. I have never owned a sheerling coat and think it’s time to add one to my wardrobe, I always thought they add bulk but no that’s not true for the most people🥰🥰

  13. My shearling coat is dark green, more than 30 years old, great condition and warmer than anything else I own. Was a good investment back in the 80s. Neat spotlight Leoni on some winter accessories this “up north” gal has never seen! (Puffer collar/hood)

  14. For some reason I had the thought you might be headed this way and or to NYC, lol!! Would love to meet you if possible 😊
    Well, we’ve had a nice snow drop within the last few days and our forecast up till Christmas is around 60° which is really cold for us Angelenos! I’m sure some of your winter suggestions will work out fine.
    Keep us posted and maybe a gathering can be thrown together ❤️🎄❤️

    1. I need to get my son to New Hampshire but we may fly in to LA and make our way across the country. We’re waiting on my son’s visa to come through and then we will be on our way – possibly even this side of Christmas. Where are you based?

  15. How exciting!! I’m located in a region known as the San Fernando Valley in the Foothills of the Angeles Forest but still within 30 minutes (more or less) of Downtown LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the beaches… all the best spots!
    I hope not to add any additional stress to your trip so if it doesn’t work out, I completely understand. We can play by ear.
    You will always have my support of you and your channel!
    Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas 🎄❤️🎄

  16. First of all I love your black long sleeve blouse on you. I’m not into heavy coats, but I do love puffer coats with a hood. Many interesting examples are good to see here. I wear oversize when possible in knits. The cape is something I would like to purchase as it’s so elegant looking and practical at the same time. faux shearling coats are nice but not for me climate wise. Warm gloves are always nice to wear in cooler weather. I’m spending Xmas in Arizona and it might be cold at night anyway. I always look forward to your videos. Have fun in CA, be thinking of you.

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