We need to talk…sharing the truth

We need to talk…today I'm sharing the truth about some things. I feel like there are a few misconceptions about me and there are some things I struggle with when it comes to my platform. I just want to be open & honest with you…I hope you understand!! I am so thankful for every person that watches my videos (even if its on a very rare occasion)…THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!

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44 Comments on “We need to talk…sharing the truth”

  1. This is one thing that’s a bummer about being a content creator. People make so many judgements based solely on what they see, and don’t leave space to accept you are another human with so many facets of your life that are not shown. You’re being professional and passionate about your job. Some people just like to stir up drama and bring people down. You’ve been nothing but a joy and interesting, and I think the majority of us feel that way. Because we can’t make everyone happy, it’s important to be true to yourself. Keep being awesome Shae!

    1. Reading comprehension is HARD, huh? Read my reply again. I said she CHOOSES to show her life as perfect. Well then, she can’t complain when people think her life is perfect.

    2. @tracygee Looking through the rest of the comments, it seems like most of Shea’s viewers don’t see her the way you do. Maybe you’d rather follow someone other than Shea? There are tons of influencers out there. I’m sure you can find one that you enjoy ☺️

    3. @tracygee Would you like a sad face sitting in front of you all the time. This is her job. We are not here to judge her choices but to be wise and take what is best for us. C’mon. Aren’t we all adults. If you made a wrong choice hearing Shea you have to own it. Take responsibility for your own choices and please stop pulling people down. She helps us for a 100 and may be 1 ot 2 goes wrong. Please take more advices from others around you that might help.

      Let’s be grateful for what Shea does.

  2. Shea, I appreciate you taking time to explain things and let us see the real you. However, everyone has a choice to watch your videos or not. If they don’t like them, they should just click off, no need to leave negative comments; however, there will always be people who have to be negative or hateful. Just know that the huge majority of us appreciate you and the time and energy you put into making these videos and we love them!! I, for one, appreciate that you have saved me lots of money on buying products that I won’t like and show me alternatives that I love! Thank you!

  3. I don’t understand the need for anybody to have to justify their job. It is ridiculous, if someone doesn’t like your content, they don’t have to watch. Keep doing what is true to you.

    1. @Jill Howard yeah but she acts like she doesn’t have a choice. That some upperhands are forcing her to do a “job”. She can do whatever she wants.

    2. Shea, you don’t owe explanations. They are fun to watch. Don’t let people get to you. If they want to be critical, they have no life. It’s how they make themselves feel important. No one is twisting their arms to watch! We have fun watching. The best part of getting older is not caring what people think.

    3. Shea, I don’t feel you need to justify your Chanel to anyone. I think there are far more indulgent tubers out there. You can’t please everyone and I think most of us know this is your job. We all evolve over time and our tastes change.

  4. I am so glad you made the “controversial” video. Because I am soooo appreciate that you did the homework of vetting those products for us. I agreed with your suggestions on alternative products as well. Please create more content like that anytime you want. Haters will always be there and opinionated people will always be watching, but you have a wonderful opportunity to help others better their health as you have. I believe Natural is better and you are sticking a cord with those of us in your audience. Keep being you please.

    1. Everyone that disagrees with her is not a hater. If a person gives science based information on a product they need to ensure they are giving accurate information. Shea did a video recently about products we should buy instead of other products. Her comments on tampons was incorrect. A physician even commented to provide the correct information. She also mentioned an ingredient in a skin care product and stated that it caused cancer, which was completely incorrect. That was irresponsible and many people called her out on it.

  5. Shea, I’ve been watching you for a couple years and you’re my top favorite YouTuber to watch. Your positive personality and your great ideas reinforce what I do in my home, in life, and it’s just cool to have someone out there for proclaiming the same thing. I’ve also gotten many brand new product ideas from you that turned into quite a helpful tool around the house. You don’t need to excuse your behavior, you’ve not been inappropriate or offensive. Love your heart for family and for what you do.💜

  6. As soon as I started watching this video, I could see the hurt you’re feeling. Creating content that you’re interested in is the reason we all watch you! It’s unfortunate there are some viewers who feel the need to criticize publicly rather than disagree privately. But, that is the downside of social media in all it’s forms. Just know that your true followers enjoy what you do. Keep doing you. 🙂

  7. Shea, I’m 68 years old and I love your videos!! I don’t have to waste my $ trying things. You already do that for me. I don’t have the time or energy for these things…I enjoy your honesty, your spunk, your zest and enthusiasm. I also appreciate your honesty! But there will always be those who will criticize. Don’t let them get you down. They don’t do your job, and have no idea about what you go through. Keep on keeping on! I hate seeing you down. Stay true to yourself and enjoy what you do. You do help many!!

  8. i have followed you from the start, and i have to say you’ve seemed always to give the best content…i will continue to watch you, thank you Shay for always being real!!

  9. Shea, I’ve been watching you for 3 or 4 years now. I’m a middle aged chubby nurse and think designer handbags are a waste of money. But I never begrudge people who love them, because it’s none of my business what people do with their money. I watch you because you are smart, articulate, funny, genuine and find us good products to consider, and I appreciate your viewpoint on supplements and other health stuff. I just flat out like you, and enjoy your videos. You are good people! 😊 💕

  10. Awe … I do feel that if anyone has watched you for any amount of time, they can understand you are genuine, which is why it’s easy to keep watching you. Keep up the great work!! ❤️

  11. Shea, I love your content! I get so many gift ideas from you for my loved ones – actually you have gotten me out of a gift rut! You take the time to review products and it gives me confidence to shower family and friends. In that way you give to the people I love. From high end to low price tags, no matter my budget, you have the solution for me and I appreciate it so much. You bring light to my days! Can’t imagine how hard it is to be in the spotlight like you are, but you give me energy on rough days! Thank you lovely!

  12. Loved this video. Thank you for putting yourself out there and being vulnerable. By the way, I enjoyed seeing your clutter. Lol. Keep doing what you love to do and what is true to you. 💜

  13. Shea, I read this from IG by Mark Manson and I just wanted to share. He said “People get addicted to feeling offended all the time because it gives them a high. Being self-righteous and morally superior feels good.” I feel bad that some people misinterpret your content. I can see your intentions and I can tell you genuinely care how you impact your audience. Thank you for this video.

  14. Continue doing exactly what you do!!! That’s why we watch you, we love your content, we love your enthusiasm, we love your desire to make our lives easier and more fun. Don’t change a thing and stop doing these videos.

  15. If anything, you’re one of the only “influencers” I wouldn’t expect to be judgmental or stuck up. Appreciate your positive energy and excitement

  16. Shea, I love the philosophy of your channel. Your positive attitude, humbleness, and passion is what makes your channel my favorite to watch. Keep it up ❤️

  17. Bless your heart, Shea. I love your channel, your content and I appreciate and acknowledge the work that must go into keeping it all going. You certainly can’t please everyone. It is nice to know some of the details that you explained, like what happens with the items you buy and things of that nature. Keep making the content that’s uplifting even if the world is looking darker. It may seem inappropriate at times, but when things are down around us content that distracts us is helpful. Smiles, positive energy are what we need in dark times. Keep being you!! 🥰

  18. I cannot thank you enough for being so transparent, especially showing the mess(s) in your house! Lol Makes me feel I’m in really great company. We love you girl!!! ❤️

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