WARM TONED Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Full GLAM

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Products Used :

– NARS Radiant Creamy concealer in Vanilla – https://bit.ly/39SqJtz

– COLOURPOP Big Poppy eyeshadow palette – https://bit.ly/3bbH8de – 10% off with discount code " denitsa "

– CIATE London Velvet palette – https://bit.ly/3kIcRG7

– NYX Glitter goals liquid eyeshadow in Polished Pin Up – https://bit.ly/3rf87tR

– HONEST Beauty liquid eyeliner – https://bit.ly/3kSzmIF

– E.L.F 3 in 1 mascara – https://bit.ly/2NpEW8B

– OFRA Start Inspired highlighter – https://bit.ly/2NPPrml – 30% off with discount code " denitslava "

– COLOURPOP pencil in Marigold – https://bit.ly/3b9YKWO

– NABLA lip liner in #3 – https://bit.ly/2OgD9mE

– NABLA lipstick in Metropolitan – https://bit.ly/2NP6ll1

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EYEBROW Tutorial : https://youtu.be/Wj3p0bo_2w0
EYELINER Tutorial: https://goo.gl/ffuQXl

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    2. @saleha abbasi makeup tutorial ok my dad also got by pass operation alhamdulillah he is fine now. he is a heart patiant i am a kid my name is Maleeha i am 8 years old

    1. OMG Yessss and she could name the shades like “lovely people” “whaatttss upppp” “honey mango” “cheesecake” “pasta” everythingggg that she loves😍😍

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