VIRAL TIKTOK FILTERS You Should Never Try😬 I’m never doing this again

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33 Comments on “VIRAL TIKTOK FILTERS You Should Never Try😬 I’m never doing this again”

  1. Hello lovely Deni!🥰 You always made my day even brighter every time you show up in my notification!😍 Too eager so I must watch it immediately😆😆

  2. This is the most underrated YouTuber in the makeup community! Deni’s humour and sweet personality is amazing and could brighten anyone’s day!! <3

  3. Hey that actually turned out better than i could ever do even with a proper plane mirror!!
    All that’s left is for u to do that makeup with a mirror and DAZZLE us✨✨

  4. I’m living for those videos😂 she’s so funny, and her editing makes me laugh so hard that I have to explain myself to my parents😂😂
    Kudos for u Deni💕

  5. Deny! I was literally laughing so much
    Even after going through so much struggle the look turned out pretty good 💕💕
    And Your editing and talent is literally 🔥

  6. Can we just appriciate the fact that Denny make our day with how creative she is when editing comes and her cute voice??💞

    I hooe you see this comment!!

  7. Such a huge fan, my 9 year old daughter and I watch you all the time and have done for a few years.
    You literally have me in stitches you’re so funny, beautiful and talented.
    Also my boyfriend always mentions how seductive your voice is and I have to say I agree with him 😜
    We love you ❤️

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