Trust the process #shorts

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22 Comments on “Trust the process #shorts”

  1. Denniiiiii you’re so cute I love you!!! Does anyone love how she is doing like summery colors but also mixed with nice fall tones!!! She’s amazing 🤩

  2. Hey denni….
    I have been watching your videos since 2 years now…. and when you say what can possibly go wrong, I always say in reply that everything will go wrong. 😂
    Love your videos by the way😍😘🤩

  3. Deniiii take love from Bangladesh 💖…ur vdos r like healing medicine to me… whenever i watch ur vdo it alwys makes me laugh nd happy immediately…love u a lottt… I’m pretty early today can i get a heart plzzz?? 🥺

  4. Deniyaa.. please be here more often.. some of us here have got no life and literally be waiting for you people to upload something new 🤤🤤🤤

  5. “Grrrr” 😂 in every video is it… LOL i feel for you sometimes. but on the other hand, you put a smile on my face every time, and i love you for that! ♥

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