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24 Comments on “TRANSPARENT EYELINER 😨????”

  1. I think it’s really just a minimalistic cut crease but that’s literally the BEST BIT! IT’S SO PRETTY! I want to try this out tomorrow❤️❤️ Also your haircut and choker looks so AMAZING ON YOU!! Lots of love💕💖❤️‍🔥

  2. I was just thinking it might be fun to do this over a bright eyeshadow look as you said it 😂 it would help the eyeshadow show up better maybe? Would love to see that trend too!

  3. Denny! Your hair!!! It looks so good!! I love it so much! The eyeliner trick is really cute. I do feel like if you use color, it’s just eyeliner again, but it would be beautiful as always! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have about…4 inches to cut off my hair. Toodles!

  4. It’s not bad as much as I thought it would be lol. It looks innovative but very simplistic. Also, your hair adds a little mature and funky vibe to your appearance, if you colored it sage green it’d look so pretty!

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