Top 10 styling tips to look taller | How to style

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Top 10 styling tips to look taller | How to style
I’m guessing if you’ve clicked on this video it’s because you’d like to try and look a little taller or perhaps a little leaner! If that’s the case then these simple fashion styling secrets will help you do exactly that.

We truly can create the illusion of just about anything we want with a few tweaks to how we style our outfits. It really is that simple. So in today’s video I’m sharing some of my tried-and-tested tips that actually work. Let me know if you use any of these tips too or if this is the first time you've heard any of them.
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41 Comments on “Top 10 styling tips to look taller | How to style”

    1. @The Style Insider I apologize for the late reply… I’m busy binge watching your other videos. To your question, no I have not heard of YESSTYLE before…. Here the popular ones are ZARA, Zalora, and expensive brand fashion shops. There are others but clothing is quantity not quality. I also just found your channel…. I’m in my late 40s with premature grey hair, and adult sons…. Your site is assisting me with motivation I need to face with aging and confident fashion.

    2. Aww that’s great to hear you’re enjoying my videos and thanks for sharing Zalora – I will check it out as I haven’t heard of them before either. And yes ageing with confidence isn’t always easy that’s for sure so I’m really delighted to hear my videos are helping – thanks for letting me know 🙂

  1. I like a little more elegance ! I look forward to your blog always and will keep watching I enjoy 99%of all u feature . Plus most is so unexpected it makes me happy 😃

  2. I think the more you break up an outfit the more likely you could look shorter . Monochromatic dresser here . Pointed toes are harder to find for wide feet.
    The over sized look isn’t always flattering for petites . I’m not going there . I don’t mind being short but I sure don’t wish to look wider .
    No ! absolutely No to Capri pants xxx

  3. Great video! I am a man who is into fashion and I 100% agree with everything, especially the bit about v-necks. I am very tall, and slim v-necks make me look so skinny and not masculine, so I always go for crew necks, they make me look more butch, esp with horizontal stripes. If I was a shorter and stockier, I would only wear v-necks. Just look at Barbara Streisand, she knows what looks great on her (always a deep v-neck), also Kylie Minogue. Can you imagine her wearing something bulky with a high neck? Trends are fun, but you have to pick what works for your body type.

  4. I have a bit of a shorty-complex after learning last year that I’ve lost 1.5 inches in height since my youth. I thought I looked stumpier, and I am! So, these tips are very welcome! I just got my long-desired Stuart Weitzman thigh-high suede boots, these will help!

  5. A maxi dress or full-length jumpsuit seems to be lengthening, too, especially with reasonably high heels-for me that’s about 2.5”.

  6. You look lovely and I love V-necks. The first few looks won’t work for me as I am a petite hourglass. I need more definition with a higher waist; open necklines and nude heels look better on me and the monochromatic look makes me look slimmer and taller.

  7. Looking taller is not one of my aims as I’m 5’11, but your video has reminded me of the things I can get away with, like statement colour shoes, which I’ll make more use of!

  8. Love love love!! This is sooo helpful Leonie !! Especially if one is in her 60s like me ! Love your Korean looks. Great choices! U are such a blessing! 🤗 Keep safe! 💖all the way from the Philippines

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