Top 10 Makeup & Beauty Mistakes & Tips/Mature over 50s Women

Heather, a former 80s model shares her Top 10 Makeup Mistakes of Mature Women, over 40, 50 etc.. plus beauty techniques & hacks so learned from make-up artists for the solutions. Blunders in contouring, concealer, hooded eyes, powder, under eye bags, smokey eyeshadow, lip liner & lipstick plus foundation, brows, blush & more are featured in this video. Most of the "do" applications & hiding the aging process can be found at drug stores or malls. Everyone can enjoy this make-up vlog even a woman in her 20s & 30's . Heather believes that make up is wonderful but a natural look & glow is better for daytime & even party or date makeup can be glamorous without looking overdone.

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    1. Thanks for the comment. I agree, I think us older women can get lost in the videos that promote too much makeup or layers. So glad you’re finding them helpful. I’m so encouraged from women like you to keep making them, Heather

  1. Just a bit of a heads up. During the summer, it doesn’t hurt to get a spray tan. I HAD skin cancer–and on my face. I now sit under the umbrella and treat myself to a spray before we go on vacation. This way I don’t even need bronzer. Love you vids!!

    1. Thanks for the share Catherine, It sounds like you beat the cancer, my best wishes on keeping that at bay. I will be showing self-tan using sprays later in a video. It’s a tricky thing, a tanning salon for a spray on tan is better for sure. You probably look great with the spray-on tan and feel more confident. I know I would, (I have very white legs) LOL Heather

    2. I have that pasty fish-belly white skin and my husband is a Frenchman with Mediterranean skin. We go to the South of France each year and it is a challenge to keep out of the sun so I go for the highest SPF I can find. I’m of the baby oil, iodine, cover-an-album with aluminum-foil generation. Believe getting sprayed is a treat compared to sitting out and baking..LO

    3. I’ve never heard it called pasty fish-belly white skin but hey, I’ve go that skin too!!! (let’s call it Snow White skin or something, it makes me feel better LOL ) I agree with the spray tan as opposed to the baking method as I also remember was in style when I was younger, Heather

  2. I’m so happy I found your channel. I’m 60 and I just retired. I like to look funky however not silly. So nice to have someone my age that loves fashion and makeup. Here’s to mature women!

  3. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. I’m 55 and have watched way too many of these terrible videos hoping that someone gets it. YOU GET IT! Down to earth and sophisticated without being uppity or pretentious. I truly feel like I’m watching a good friends videos.

    1. I agree. My 55th birthday is coming up in two months and I sure needed to see this video. Want to update my makeup to reflect my age. Less is more for mature women.

  4. I Love ur videos ❤️❤️! I’m 58 and am trying to bring my makeup routine out of the eighties 😂. Went to National Chain for makeover. This young woman who looked so exaggerated gave me an age appropriate makeover. But I cannot repeat it with the same product. Your channel has encouraged and motivated me with tips and advice. You reinforce the product problems I have, and how to make changes. Your personality is fun and enjoyable. I can see that you enjoy this and believe that we should be women helping one another, instead of competing with each other. I laugh out loud at Hurricane licking ur face. I like how you hold up ur pencil to really help see the before and after shots. You go girl!! You have this!!

    1. Hi Victoria, thank you for your beautiful comment. I am doing a beauty video today that will be out within the week. It’s on my 5 minute beauty routine. I will show a full makeup that’s age appropriate and also in the description or 1st comment have a link to my blog where I will list the products and where to get them. I thought I would put the whole makeup in one video so women like you can repeat the processes and have them available whenever you need the tips. Hugs from myself and virtual kisses from little Hurricane LOL , Heather

  5. I am 55 and recently had to begin adjusting my makeup and hair routine because what used to look good didn’t anymore. I thank you for doing this tutorial!  You make it fun!  It reminded me of the first time I went to a slumber party and we all put on makeup for the first time, but now we are all over 50 and we needed another slumber party! I look forward to watching your other videos.

    1. It’s true how our faces change over the years and we have to adjust our makeup. I think another slumber party with your girlfriends sounds like a great idea! All the best Christine, Heather

    1. Thanks so much and welcome to our community! It’s a fairly new channel but because of people like you and your encouragement, we’re definitely going to keep making videos! Heather

  6. You are so inspiring. I started wearing a little makeup now because of your videos and just got back from buying some new clothes. Your video on clothes for hiding the tummy changed everything for me. Thank you, sweet Heather!

  7. I’m turning 50 in September and I’m realizing that what I wore for make-up in my 20s, 30s, and 40s doesn’t work for me anymore. Add to that life-long sensitive skin and I’m at a crossroads. I’m finding (and very much appreciating) more and more YT channels like yours. I can’t relate to the 20-somethings, the 30-somethings, and even a few of the 40-somethings and their troweling on of make-up and “glam” looks. It’s truly refreshing to see someone closer to my age using common sense and not hiding their true self under layers of make-up. Using it sensibly…what a novel concept. Thank you for this! <3

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Laura. I truly believe less is more with makeup for an everyday look (even for the younger generation) We use to have a day makeup and a nightime/party makeup but now I think the lines are blurred. Enhancing your eyes and features is so much better than trowling on a layer of makeup that hides the true you. This is just my opinion but I hope it catches on, that way women don’t have to try so hard to be something they’re not.

  8. Thank you for giving some really great tips! I’m so happy to see advice for a more natural, pretty look that highlights your best features, not hides them. Also, your hair is so beautiful and healthy looking! It’s a fantastic length, and looks gorgeous! Nicely done! 🙌🏻

  9. Hi Heather! Thanks so much for this video. When trying to age gracefully, it is frustrating to see how-to videos done by mature women who have spent money on reducing the lines on their faces. Facial wrinkles absolutely change the way makeup works with one’s face (as well as the seesaw of rested days and exhausted days). This was a very useful video that got me to think in the now instead of the familiar.

  10. This is a great video! I’m 65 and agree that less is more flattering on us. Thanks for the tip about anti shine cream. I never heard of it before. I’m always powdering my shiny nose so I look forward to not having to do so all the time!

  11. I’ve never seen anyone apply bronzer like that!! I’m 56 & we don’t have to stick with a bunch of antiqued rules. Express yourself and have fun with makeup!

  12. Great tips! The way you presented your advice to those of us in our “golden years “ was interesting, yet informative and comical. Thank you for your support and sincerity! Looking forward to future updates.

  13. Hi gorgeous!! I agree with all
    these tips !!! Great video and i am 62 !!’ Enjoyed this and yes the younger women can pull off anything but when we are older we can’t overdo TFS hugs ❤️

  14. Love how you present all these great tips! I’ve always been a hardly any make up person but I’m learning to love some light looks as I get older. It helps to brighten me up for sure however, when I looked at a lot of the tutorial videos I was amazed at the amount of makeup!

  15. I love your videos! I use tinted moisturizer I’m 58 btw. I can’t use a foundation it makes my wrinkles show more. Lol lot of the tips you talk about I use but I’m learning from you especially the clothing one!!!♥️

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