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Best womens sneakers 2020
This is our list of the top 10 best sneakers for women in 2020! This is a part 2 following our 2019 video. This sneaker collection for women includes some of the must have sneakers in 2020 along with sneaker trends for affordable sneakers.

Updated 2021 Video:

Where you can buy these Womens Sneakers :
This is the list:
-Air Jordan 3:
-FILA Disruptor:
-Converse Runstar Hike:
-Puma RSX:
-Air Max 1 guava ice:
-Adidas ultraboost 19:
-Puma Cali: (black / white)
-Puma Cali (coloured)
-Yeezy 350 cloud white:
-Nike Tn:

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37 Comments on “TOP 10 BEST WOMENS SNEAKERS!”

    1. There are people that like filas and people that don’t- it happens with so many shoes. If you like them then that’s enough reason to buy them, there will always be people that dislike your shoes no matter which shoes you wear. You can’t please everyone so just please yourself and buy things that YOU like 😊style is subjective to everyone so it’s normal for different people to have different preferences 👍

    2. @VAO Sneakers really like what you said I honestly don’t like Nike air forces even though all my friends do but I like fila they actually are so cute!!!

  1. Really confused between Black and White(whitish) sneakers
    I’ve always worn black sneakers my whole life
    Now confused between the colors, what color is the best to wear with everything?

  2. B&w Puma cali are so beautiful but imposible to wear for me 😭😭😭 I gave them to my mother and after a few wears they became very comfortable for her but for me….they cut the back of my foot pretty bad.

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