THIS makeup look went VIRAL on TikTok so I tried recreating it

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26 Comments on “THIS makeup look went VIRAL on TikTok so I tried recreating it”

  1. I watched her first video day before yesterday and by now I have watched almost all of her videos and am a big fan of her even if I don’t have intrest in makeup, Her cute accent and smile and her introduction “whatsup!” just makes me smile and makes my day!
    Loads of love from India ❣💞

  2. Deni! This was absolutely beautiful!! I’ve been having a bad morning and I watched this and it made me laugh so ty so much for making my day brighter. You are an inspiration ❤️

  3. Deni your my inspiration it has already been three year or four since i started to watch your videos and i love them . i have also started to learn greek and one think that i said was what can possibly go wrong ♡

  4. 100/10 Deni😍😍
    I’m a damn makeup noob but I really love your videos…and the best of all…Deni’s what can possibly go wrong attitude and unafraid to try something new…really love u Deni❤❤

  5. Deni u are so adorable that even ur “mistakes” look good. U never fail 2 put a smile on my face, please keep the cute content coming cuz we all need all the smiles we can get❤

  6. Can we just take a moment and appreciate Denny’ s editing skills 👑🥰
    Amazing 😍
    Love you a lot 😘
    BIG FAN ☺️
    And your make up is awesome ❤️

  7. I have to agree with the people commenting that we could be upset or just having a bad day at work and just seeing you, you brighten our day. You are a sunshine ☀️

  8. I am just addicted to you Deni! I always wait for your notifications and in my free time or whenever I want to laugh I watch your videos. You never fail to put a smile on my face 😊❤

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