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28 Comments on “THIS IS WHAT I DO WHEN I’M LATE ✨”

  1. Demi when she’s late: creates a beautiful masterpiece

    Me when I’m late: wears no makeup and goes out looking like a witch

    Edit: wow 1k in not even a day wth!!! Also, sorry if I offended anyone who are witches by religion. Me, a 12yr old, thought of witches out of fairytales and didn’t even think that it might offend anyone, so again, apologies

    1. @Nick I’m sure Potato Queen didn’t mean 2 offend u. Some people have difficulty separating the word witch from the mental picture they were raised with for how “witches” are supposed to look, old, grey unkempt hair, long crooked nose with a wart on it, black tattered robes and bent over a bubbling cauldron, (straight out of Sleeping Beauty), I had hoped we were past all that with Hocus Pocus and the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts movies, but I guess we still have a ways to go. Hang in there Mate.

  2. Make-up standards have completely changed. This many products would have been a full face of glam a few years back but now it’s considered‘quick make-up for when you are late’ it’s beautiful though, I’m not knocking it 😻

  3. Her : looking absolutely flawless
    Me when I’m late : takes a deep breath and accepts the facts that anything done in a rush will be uglier then my no makeup face

  4. Thats the example of non cakey countour and it looks great, most beauty gurus and stuff wear a LOT of makeup its even cakey on camera. You are so great at makeup, good job.

  5. I love that you show us some texture and I am less scared of makeup or can have realistic expectations and not be disappointed on why I’m not looking like a baby’s butt cheek and a glossy globe when I apply foundation

  6. Your videos are so cute and nice and I watch them everyday. They make me so happy and laugh sometimes. Also your voice is very beautiful

  7. Beautiful- thanks! That’s actually a way easier version of what I do! Now I am able to shorten my ‘in a hurry’ routine =D You even use similar goldish eyeshadows! I have a good feeling about this 🙂 Love that ♡♡♡ Have a great day ahead ♡ Bests, D.

  8. There are few people who rock all type of hair and you are definitely one of them you look amazing deni! Please make a full video with your new hair

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