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26 Comments on “THIS IS VERY CONFUSING 😨”

  1. Omg its so pretty! I started watching your videos a few months ago and now youre one of my favourite youtubers. Youre so adorable and talented and your editing skills are also amazing <33

  2. Deni: How much time are you gonna spend on this?

    Also Deni: 2 hours

    Deni: and how much time did you actually spend on this

    Also Deni: almost 5 hours 😫

  3. I love how Deni is the most funniest person in my life l ever seen and l love how she still edits her vedios even a shorts vedio l love you Deni❤❤❤❤❤

  4. After watching these videos I always feel a little less awkward about referring to myself in third person. 😝 It’s a quirky, whimsical, creative person thing.

  5. The flower earrings match the “clay” mask 100%! The fact that she actually has earnings for ever situation! …For MeHhH✨ ⚠️Disclaimer⚠️: I know that a lot of people have already commented this but I’m not copying sorry I couldn’t just not comment this! I just couldn’t resist!😂 Also, who else thought that she would do skincare and this “clay” mask was really a face mask?!?🤣

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