Testing WEIRD Nail Art

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47 Comments on “Testing WEIRD Nail Art”

    1. @Shikha Sharma nah, it’s normal to have conversations with yourself (out loud or in your head) plus, you can tell she’s definitely not depressed <3

  1. You are so funny and your editing skills IS THE BEST!!!! Can we appreciate how much work Deni does for us, we all love you! 🩷

  2. “Everytime I try to do my nails the only thing I nail is the fail”
    Had me dying😂😂😂😂
    Shes literally a queen❤❤❤❤

  3. Things we have to appreciate about all her video❤

    1 her cuteness
    2 shes fun
    3 her jokes

    I can’ t think of someone that is very hugable like her❤

  4. Denny really needs to be appreciated for the efforts she put into her videos 🙌from getting handling to hair extensions and what not😂

  5. Can we just appreciate the fact that deni makes us laugh no matter what and her editing skills are perfect

    If you guys love Deni’s videos

  6. she could be talking about rubbish for 6 hours straight and I’d still listen on how cute her voice is, I think it’s so cute and adorable ❤😅

  7. Let us take a minute to appreciate the effort and skill Denny puts into her videos. Her humor is perfect we need more of this on earth

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