Testing VIRAL TikTok Beauty HACKS

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37 Comments on “Testing VIRAL TikTok Beauty HACKS”

    1. I agree I want to be able to edit like this one day. I wonder what software she is using. I am using final cut pro and cannot edit like her. Beautiful and talented. 🥰

  1. We all need to appreciate how her editing skills have improved over the year’s😍🥰❤️❤️
    Everyone’s favorite Denny🎉❤

  2. I was waiting for a vid for soooo long. Thank you for making my day better. I was scrolling on yt and I saw you now im obesesed. I love you deni ❤️🥰. Her edits, cute voice and humour if outstanding and mind blowing 🤯✨

  3. Deni, you have me cracking…. Again! You’re beautiful, have amazing makeup skills & your content presentation is beyond hilarious. On the scale of 1 to crazy, it’s madcap! Love your timings.
    Sending love ❤❤

  4. I was binging old videos last night, I am super excited to see you uploaded again, you are always so happy and it rubs off 🙂 Thanks for the new video x

  5. The way i laughed so hard at her face when she forgot to wear headband and the whole face while turning from boiled chicken to egg is on another level😂❤ Thank you Deni to save me from tomorrow ‘s exam pressure 😊

  6. Using MORE foundation doesn’t seem like a hack when you’ll end up spending more money haha btw I love your videos, you’re always so cheerful and silly ♡

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