Testing HALLOWEEN 5-Minutes Crafts HACKS

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Today we are testing back to school DIY hack and tricks.Let's see if they work!

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31 Comments on “Testing HALLOWEEN 5-Minutes Crafts HACKS”

  1. And Deni arrived to cheer us up!
    Also your editing skills are amazing I’m terrified of spiders so I liked your background until you pointed out the new decoration. Sorry!

    1. Hey Denny i love you so so so much ❤🥰🥰and i really need to tell but the black nails and the fake skin blood was my favourite i really enjoy that video heheee

  2. You need to add hot water or atleast warm water to dissolve gelatin. And use oil to remove stain on your skin. I was so worried about putting glue on skin. I still am. But it was fun. Specially your battle with green lol. Appreciate the effort you put in filming this video. 😁💕

  3. I totally agree with everyone comments, that a bad day it’s turns out a good day when we see Deni. I was cracking up, all this time. 😂

  4. I was drinking water almost at the end of the vdo when Deni was taking her makeup out..but as soon as Deni showed her half green stained face I spilled water all over😂😂. Literally Deni u are the besttttttt😘😘😘

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