Summer Trends That Are Over & What To Wear Instead | Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

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Summer Trends That Are Over & What To Wear Instead | Summer 2022 Fashion Trends
It's always fun to get a little heads up on what's in and out of fashion but the important thing is to not take the trends too seriously. I mean if you love wearing something and it fits your style and your lifestyle then it's definitely for you – regardless of what is trending in fashion. So this video is my observation of fashion trends that are less popular and the trends that are replacing them. But please remember if you love something just wear it – that's the most important part of fashion in my opinion. The clothes we wear are there to make us look and feel great and to keep us warm, (or cool) and protected so if you love something please, please, please wear it and enjoy it.

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32 Comments on “Summer Trends That Are Over & What To Wear Instead | Summer 2022 Fashion Trends”

  1. Don’t wear much of these but the two of the mentioned pieces (shirts and sneakers) I do wear.

    Can’t wait to finish my home studio and get back to creating content again!.

    LOVE you two colored shirt Leone. ❤

    1. @The Style Insider 😁 Hurrah for Shackets! 🎉 A collared shirt can be perfect as a light covering or stylish topper piece. 💜SS camp style shirts serve delightfully in scorching hot weather🥵〰️while 💜LS shirts work when either you’re worried about excessive exposure to ☀️UV rays or it chills😨.

      😬 It doesn’t mean you have to dress like some backwoods 🪓 lumberjack in flannels or forego style altogether. 😉Although personally I don’t mind a cosy Northwoods🦌 or a grunge 🛹 look, it’s just not my regular vibe.

      💜Do love a classic, relaxed fit blazer, but it’s not something I can easily survive 🌱outside 🏙 in my
      😎Mediterranean-Desert climate. They’re awesome for when the mercury drops🌡or you’re in a
      🥶 “refrigerated” bldg (ofc, library, bank, hospital, theatre, church, etc.) for long blocks of time⏰️.

      🤣 Sadly, both 🚬 cigarette tapered style pants & excessively voluminous trousers that I 💜adore also exaggerate my shorter legs🪵, esp. when I don’t wear heels.

      😖Don’t do a lot of pants〰️but a highwaisted, slightly relaxed &/or drapey straight cut trouser can balance out a long torso & be more leg lengthening ↕️. Some pleats are fine, but pockets can add too much ↔️volume😳. Plus, I lose a lot of
      💄lipstick & coins🪙 in poorly constructed pockets.
      💚 Bridget from Cali ☘️
      (using my pal’s YT acct)

  2. Manufacturers are pushing these “terry” (terrycloth) pieces this season. Beware, this is just another way they’re trying to get us to accept polyester clothing, I’m not buying it. What could be hotter and less breathable for summer than knitted polyester?

    1. I agree but I also have a terrycloth-lined swimsuit cover up and it makes it so I don’t have to bring a towel to the water. Would NEVER wear for everyday

  3. Bit short and sweet today Leonie! It was over before I knew it!
    I liked the knitted shorts sets you showed- they looked like a romper suit but neater and easier to wear than an all in one.
    I don’t own any mesh leggings. I would wear them, but only underneath a maxi skirt on a cooler summer day.

    1. Yes I think todays video was a little shorter as I cut out a couple of sections where I was getting tongue tied 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  4. I wear leggings but only under dresses or tops that cover my backside. No mesh leggings in my wardrobe, but I’ve discovered that leggings with pockets are amazing!

    1. Wide leg trousers have been a staple classic since the twenties when all the artist types wore them around the French Riviera including Coco Channel. They will never go away – thank goodness!

  5. Hi Lonnie! I just wanted to let you know that my comment on your previous video was in NO way a reflection on your opinion regarding suggestions on how to cover certain body areas. I simply adore your suggestions I usually agree 👍..with most of your ideas and style.. Sorry if I may have offended anyone1 ❤️

    1. Hi Maria thanks for your lovely message and I don’t recall your exact comment but I will take a look now. Thanks for your kindness though and I’m sure I wasn’t offended but thank you x

  6. I still like wearing biker shorts in the summer. They pair well with oversized tees and button up shirts. I don’t wear the shiny ones though. Mine are made of a thick almost fine knit material. Plus they’re super comfy

  7. I am seeing lots of wide leg pants. I guess I will be off trend til the next round. On mid sized me wide leg pants make me look wider! 😂 I’m keeping the skinnies!

  8. I like wide leg pants. Definitely getting for fall trouser or boot cut kind of dark denim or pants, not too wide. I have too many of those😜 Sneakers ,well as long ,as its high platform like 2+ inches, i am ok. I have a few sleeker ones from Chanel, but when i wear mini dresses , i need my platform snickers. I dont like too bulky, i am thinking of getting Alexander McQueen more sleek but still platform ones. I have big size, so most of my designer sneakers from men collections😂 Thank God, that these days they dont differ much from women sneakers. Leggings i dont like too much. I have one very interesting pair , from Chanel. Its just very interesting fabric, not too tight, but still i mainly wear them with boots. Looser tshirts are ok, but not too lose/shapeless. I have hourglass figure, so for me, baggy waist,doesnt do anything good. I do wear sometimes, but mostly, i like to accentuate my slim waist. But of course overall t shirt doesnt have to be tight always.I actually just purchased interesting white tee from Isabel Marrant , and i got size bigger, so it would have little bit more oversized look on top, and then it goes in corset type off 😜Have a blessed day🙏🧡 .

  9. I’m not a trend person but…I’m glad all the trends are going out are the most horrible I’ve ever seen during last years! “Someone” realized how ugly were chunky sneakers and how difficult could be looking and also feeling put together with leggings 😅

  10. I did wear leggings with mesh inserts, but got rid of them a long time ago, I’ve had my leggings with the slit for almost a year. HATE bike shorts as shorts, but they are great under dresses. I love sneakers, but never the dad sneakers, my feet don’t need to look any bigger than they already are😂

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