Styling Tips To Look 10 Years Younger | Winter Fashion Trends

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Styling Tips To Look 10 Years Younger | Winter Fashion Trends
Bulky winter clothing layers can really make us look and feel a little frumpy so I decided to share a few simple styling tips that are guaranteed to make you look at years younger and feel fab in the process. As I mention in the video sometimes the smallest tweaks to our outfits pay the biggest dividends – truly! So even if some of these tips seem small they are definitely worth trying. I'd love to hear if you have a favourite tip from today's video and if you have any of your own to share I'd love to hear that too. I often get told when I've made videos like this in the past that I should get my hair cut to take years off me but I'm so lazy when it comes to styling my hair I just know I don't have the energy or the patience for it and that's why I keep my hair like it is. I know it's a little boring and probably ageing too but it works for me. But I'm getting off track so if you have any tips to share I'd love to hear them and as always thanks SO much for watching.

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37 Comments on “Styling Tips To Look 10 Years Younger | Winter Fashion Trends”

  1. Hello Leoni nice to see you again you know we all need to look younger thank you for sharing have a great weekend🤫😉 And don’t forget to update your make up a lot of people look older because of their make up with make up less is better

  2. Great video, I always find great style tips here. My footwear, outerwear, bags are usually good.i get comments all the time.

    I tried a puffer vest but I felt bulky so I got a colbolt blue trench and a yellow one too.i love trenches instead a blazer or puffer.

  3. Very practical and helpful advice! I admit that as the winter drags on in Chicago, I tend to focus on staying warm and dry and not so much on how fashionable I look or if I appear older, but I don’t want to look frumpy in my winter gear. Love the idea of refreshing my hats, gloves, scarves, etc. And brightening my winter wear with color is a great idea and will lift my mood as well.

  4. I discovered David Kibbe body types style system recently, and find it really helpful to find my personal style. Just in case you haven’t looked into it, might be interesting to you.

  5. I really love the the jewellery! It looks so cute! I never knew you could get man-made diamonds they look amazing! I was wondering if they had cartilage earrings and Nose earrings. I was thinking of getting some soon since my piercings have nearly healed.

    Also, I thought you were in your 40s 😂

  6. Another tip: Because in winter, when we go out, we are so bundled up and covered up, more attention is drawn to our hair, especially our hair cut. So, give it a more modern look and shape that will work well with your favorite hats, especially after you take that hat off. I went with bangs and a tapered shaggy look around my face without taking a lot off the length of the rest of my hair, and am loving the update.

  7. I have discovered that just wearing a simple dress and very statement like earrings has been my go to because I feel like it makes me look modern and interesting at the same time. I don’t find it aging, if anything it makes me kind of stand out because people have a focal point. I was simple black or burgundy tank dresses or a sweater dresses with simple boots and may be a season dependent third layer- like a bright cardi , a leather blazer or a black blazer and then a pair of colorful or gold statement earring. Btw, you look amazing for 54! Maybe it is because of that fantastic smile with that bold red lip!

  8. I love a knit dress for a home in the cool months, but I always add a belt when I go out. Last year, I found knit dresses with shape, but this year they are mostly oversized and boxy, they need a waist.

  9. I love that you use other content creators on this platform as examples in your cutaways. It just shows how supportive,wholesome and awesome you are thats why i love watching your videos.

  10. We are ALL as young as we will ever be! Have fun with fashion! Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, beautiful, empowered and most of all HAPPY! 😊

  11. I agree, I dont want to look younger I want to look the best for my age. I enjoy being in my 50’s I also do styling videos and I think you can look fresh, chic and relevant in your 50’s and beyond!

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