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  1. This drink is very healthy and nutritious, I hope it helps me take away my belly fat. Thank you very much ma’am for sharing with us ❤️

  2. I appreciate the show and not tell aspect of this video! The ingredients, the way it should be cut and sliced and the classical music in the background is a good touch. Well done! Please consider listing the ingredients in the description

  3. Very relaxing… which eases the mind which relaxes the gut which promotes good digestion which promotes weight loss. (Lol) I do think I’ll try this one though it looks pretty good and little sugar

  4. One of your other videos with a similar juice got me started drinking these drinks a few days ago and they really are like a power wash for the gut. I began to tinker around and add different fruits and veggies and now I drink two a day and I want to start with three. I have a small meal at night but I’m really starting to enjoy the benefits of a lot of fruits and veggies in this way. Great videos.

  5. This definitely works, i been on it for about a month and im down 8lbs. 1 in the am and 1 in the pm. Don’t be confused you STILL have to eat healthy and exercise at least 30min if cardio…😄😄😄😄have fun with it..

    1. It’s a bs video this might increase the metabolism by a little bit but you lost the weight mainly due to the excersize and food you ate in a caloric deficit

  6. Going to try this one instead of the one with pineapples.*Update* I have tried this and it does not taste bad, the ginger makes it a bit spicy at least to me but it taste good and I have noticed my belly does look like it is going down. With regular exercise I think this will help me finally get rid of this belly fat.

  7. 2 cucumbers sliced
    2 green apples sliced with peel
    1 ginger finger peeled and sliced
    Juice of 2 limes or lemons
    2 cups spinach
    3-4 cups water

    Blend all ingredients but the lime juice in blender until smooth once blended add your lime juice drink a glass in the morning on empty stomach before breakfast and a glass before bed

  8. I’m excited to see my results by the 10th day! I started drinking this recipe 2 days ago and I’m starting off at 144.4 lbs. My only exercise is walking for an hour 3 times a week since I work from home. It definitely gives me a boost of energy to start my days which I enjoy as well 🤗. I’ll give an update on Nov 1 🤍

    1. Sorry for the delay in my update I wanted to see if I’d feel any different after no longer taking this drink. Sooooo I started at 144.4 lbs and by Nov 1 I made it to 141.6 lbs. Now I’ve only done my squats, ballet booties, and walking for an hour 3 times a week. I don’t have a diet or exercise routine. During my experience I also had two days where I had carne asada fries one day and pizza on the other. My results probably would have turned out much differently if I did have a routine. I also started my menstrual when I started the drink and I can honestly say while consuming this that whole week I didn’t have bad menstrual acne I’d usually get and definitely had a ton of energy throughout the day. When I say ya girl had a flawless face – I did lol but that’s it for my experience. Hope this review helps, I can only say to just try it since everyone’s experience will most likely be different. I decided to try it because like everyone else waiting for a review from the other people who commented on the video didn’t post many results so I had to see for myself and this is what it did for me 🙂

  9. I just made this and can’t wait to get started tomorrow morning! When is the recommended time to drink it at night? And how much should I drink? Thanks!

  10. I’m actually doing this at the moment and it works. As trainer in the gym I see a huge difference as well as I feel more happier.

    1. @Camisha Peart I actually eat according to my blood type so basically I am not one to be eating alot of red meat. Mainly seafood and white meat. I enjoy my normal carbs and vegetables. This juice though I’d great for cleaning my liver as well as flush out the excess water weight and remove those stubborn fat.

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