STRANGE WAYS to do your makeup ( that I found on TikTok 😬)

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40 Comments on “STRANGE WAYS to do your makeup ( that I found on TikTok 😬)”

  1. heyyyy I’m back!!! 😊💖 hope you’re having an AWESOME summer! Leave me some suggestions on what videos you’d like to see next! 😊

  2. I love your videos! I recently found your channel and I love it! I’m so mad I didn’t find your channel sooner but so happy I found it now! Keep doing this content I watch you all day long 💕

  3. Who else was was watching Deni before this and got a notification that she posted a new video and immediately clicked on it. Thank you for making my day and curing my boredom 😂❤️

  4. I just started watching her and I’m now obsessed when I watch her I calm down and I love her cute voice she always makes us smile and I love that I love you denny 💗

  5. Hello Denitsa! I found your channel recently and have been watching lots of older videos but this is the first one you have posted since I subscribed! I was so excited. I love your tutorials and your whole vibe here, makes me so happy. Have a great day!

  6. Anyone else think that you have a deluxe package when you watch her videos

    Amazing editing
    Cute voice
    Crazy makeup
    Cute makeup
    And an amazing person 🤩

  7. Dennys editing skills are so good!!<3 she always makes my day when I’m watching her videos<3 hope you had fun in your vacation!!<3 ilysm!💓🤟

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