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    1. I feel bad for her. She seems like she actually takes the criticism and try’s to be less problematic. Yet ppl have a strong hate still

    2. She lost me on the “cheugy” stuff. She seemed so unlikeable, telling other people what they like is “cheugy” and she knows it because she’s a “fashion major”. Ugh. Glad to hear she’s learning from past mistakes, though. Didn’t know.

    1. @ewoma we’re talking about plain basic tank tops. I’m not paying $10 for that. Idgaf if I’m a cheapskate. The quality is just as good. You have your opinion and I have mine.

    2. @ewoma don’t tell me to calm down. I was fine you obviously care. You took time out of your day to come back and reply to my comment I made on someone else’s post. So yea clearly you care enough to reply. You could have replied to the other girl wo replied to me or the girl who made the post. Don’t tell me to calm down you chose to make a comment now deal with the backlash.

    1. Basics are pretty timeless, so it would be a good idea to invest in them. However, I do understand when you’re budgeting and moneys a little too tight. The only solution I can think of is save up, and trust me when I say ik it’s not that simple.

    2. @Chae La glad you understand different perspectives on the subject. I just personally like the more affordable option but to each his own. Hope you have a good day!

    1. It’s so hard finding nice tops that aren’t cropped, I agree! I’m not allowed to where tank tops (watch me act out at university tho) so being fashionable is difficult

    2. @CoriBakesCakes frrrr i’m not allowed to wear crop tops but EVERYTHING is cropped so it’s a literal manhunt to find something i can wear that i like

  1. Just wanted to warn y’all about Princess Polly real quick. I’ve ordered clothes, shoes, and jewelry from them and they were all terrible quality. The shoes were scuffed up and worn looking, the material of the tops were so cheap and thin they were practically see-through, and the jewelry (which I knew wasn’t going to be real gold obviously, but I assumed they would be some cheap kind of metal) were straight up plastic with gold paint!! And the gold paint started chipping off after a month. Don’t trust companies just because an influencer talks them up. A high price tag does NOT mean high quality clothes…

    1. Thank you for the warning, I had a feeling PP wasn’t all it was talked up to be. It just felt like another cheap mass-producer of trendy clothes and I didn’t want to take my chances with the quality. I will definitely avoid them now!

    2. I’m an “influencer” who’s worked with PP and I’ve had a really good experience with everything from them. The only thing I’ve been slightly disappointed with was some of the jewelry but not all

  2. You are right! I used to work at Pacsun and even though I didn’t get a lot of hours in working there, I loved being an employee there as a second job because I would get the 5 for 50s, which meant you could get anything in the store for 50% off five times a month. such a great deal haha

  3. One thing I’ve learned… ALWAYS invest the money on good quality clothing, they last longer and they feel so much better. ASOS, bhwh, loft, moft, express etc.

  4. I love the A NEW DAY line at Target. Those tanks and tees have lasted me for years. The only reason I repurchase is because they either added new colors or because I’ve gotten hair lightener or color on them because I’m a hairstylist. They range from $5 – $10. Absolutely love them.

  5. Hollister has amazing basics! I get mine there. Only cost me $3-$10 most of the time. There’s always sales and you can sign up for the club Cali thing for free for even more discounts. Lol

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