Shop The Top Fall Fashion Sweaters | Fashion Trends 2021

Shop The Top Fall Fashion Sweaters | Fashion Trends 2021

When it comes to Fall Fashion Trends I couldn't not include an episode dedicated to knitwear. Not only is knitwear a wardrobe essential when the weather gets colder it's an easy way to give an outfit a little edge while still feeling comfortable – gotta love that right?

So in today's episode I've covered off six of the biggest knitwear trends for Fall 2021 and I'm also super excited to be giving you the chance to win a beautiful soy My Body Candle. To enter to win simply leave a comment about the candles and that's it – you're in to win. I'll draw a lucky winner on
3 October and will pin the winner's name to the comments on this video and I will also post the winner's details on my Community Tab so don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on being notified when a winner has been drawn. Oh and you can see the full range of My Body Candle's here:

Good luck, thanks for watching and see you real soon.

Download here:


♡ Boujee Basics ♡
1. Pink and grey v-neck sweater:
2. Textured check sweater:
3. Black and white sweater:
4. Blue ombre sweater:
5. Checks in black and brown:
6. Amethyst fare isle sweater:

♡ Cropped Knits ♡
7. Collared sweater: pink and white:
8. Light beige cashmere blend cardi:
9. Blue fine knit cardi:
10. Beige cashmere polo sweater:
11. Light pink ribbed knit sweater:

♡ Matching Sets ♡
12. Green cotton set:
13. Crème short set:
14. Lilac fuzzy set:

♡ Capes & Boleros ♡
15. Black bolero cardigan:
16. Bolero style top:
17. Black cape:
18. Checked wool cape with knitted collar:

♡ Maxi Cardis ♡
19. Open knit cardi:
20. Oversized camel coat:
21. Oversized pastel hooded coat:

♡ Preppy Knits♡
22. Striped knitted vest:
23. Letter knit beige cardi:
24. Knit pocket sweater:


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  1. OMG the women body candle is beautiful I love the pink. This is a great reminder that we as real women are all fabulous. I teach my granddaughters each day that our bodies are individually beautiful.

  2. Your friend is brilliant! Her My Body candle is similar to my 58yr old surgically scarred torso. I am light skinned but it doesn’t matter what color I would receive. The message of the candle is what matters❣️🕯

  3. I love the my body candle.. It is so important for woman to know that we all are uniquely created.. I would love to win a candle in Brown-toned if possible. I would display it well. And I absolutely love your YouTube channel and Instagram. Thank you for sharing such amazing styles with us across the globe. Keep helping us display our own creativity in style and fashion. 🙏🏽❤🦋

  4. Love all of these treads and have been fortunate to add most all of them to my closet through our local charity/thrift shop $0.99 sale! The preppy sweaters take me back to my high school days in the 90’s.

  5. These candles are so beautiful! I would love to win to gift this to my mother. She’s 66 years old and had always been active and fit but she has had a number of health problems over the past year. She has COPD and asthma and got covid last December. She is a covid long hauler and still has trouble breathing. Since then she has gained a lot of weight. I try to send her positive quotes and pictures of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, but when we talk she always says she’s fat, or she can’t wear something because she’s fat, or she comments comparing her body to others. I might buy her one for her birthday this year even if I don’t win.

  6. I live in India, I would actually love to send this body candle gift to my friend who does not feel good about her weight, and has been working so hard to reduce it. I want her to just feel positive about the way her body is, irrespective of whether she works out or not. She would absolutely love this candle and hopefully even start to feel a bit more positive about her body!
    Regardless of the giveway, I absolutely love your videos and I am a fashion student at Istituto Marangoni, your videos help me SO MUCH in following up with the latest trends and its so interesting to watch!
    Lots of love❤️

  7. These candles are super special and I love it when someone creates what they want to see, that doesn’t already exist.. so well done to your friend! I’d like to go into the draw and my colour would be the tan one. The candle is a perfect body shape, just like every body is perfect and unique. Lots of love!

  8. I just LOVE the “My body candle” concept and when you said it smells like caramel, my ears perked up even further 😁, as a plus sized woman whose struggled with balancing body positivity and healthy living in my own life, it would mean so much for me to have a beautiful reminder along with the affirmations that I am phenomenal as I am! P.s. I watch your channel/episodes as much as I can because I always get the sense that you’re thinking of every body type when sharing your style suggestions including the need for versatility, so it comes as no surprise that you’ve got this awesome #GIVEAWAY with a phenomenal body positive product! Kudos to you for this! 👏🏼❤

  9. I would love to have one 😃and I am a Caucasian woman and the reason I would love one is I love this body positivity! I fight for this every day as a woman who used to have breasts when I opted for a complete flat closure after breast cancer and reconstruction for over 10 years. Ive had many illnesses because of the reconstruction prior to choosing flat and I walk around with a body now that looks very different than the norm so isty considers womanly , yet I still feel as much a woman as I ever was! I would love to see her make a candle with a flat woman as well because I’m no less a woman without my breasts💖

  10. Love the candles and great to see something that represents my shape and they look so alluring. I would gift to my daughter in Auckland who adores candles, and has fears of ending up with a body like her mother, so the positive message around this shape would be perfect 🥰. I always enjoy your channel Leonie!

  11. A lot of these looks takes me back to the 70’s as I think I wore most of them. I would love one of those candles as the shape represents me at the age of 69. I have a bum and tum and my boobs are not so perky now. I have just been diagnosed with arthritis so feeling a bit low at the moment so that would really cheer me up.❤️❤️

  12. I love the tone of the comments of your channel, they’re always so mutually supportive and encouraging of other women, not negative or competitive. Love one another💕

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