Shop The Top Fall Fashion Essentials | Fall Fashion Trends 2022

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Shop The Top Fall Fashion Essentials | Fall Fashion Trends 2022
Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, and with fall fashion coming soon, it's time to start taking a closer look at your wardrobe to find out if you need to add any new pieces to create some fab new outfits. In this video, I've been "shopping" the top fall fashion essentials. From dresses to coats, I've covered off everything you need to keep warm this fall!

Thanks so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you real soon.


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1. Khaki short trench:
2. Double breasted trench:
3. Light or plaid shacket:

4. Light cargos:
5. Corduroy pants:
6. Pink or black utility pant:

7. Blue jeans
8. Recycled cotton classic denim jean:

9. Pink knit:
10. Long line cardi:
11. Grey half zip jumper:

12. Striped sustainable cotton tee:
13. Long sleeve fine silk tee:

14. Tan and green knitted dress:
15. Denim shirt dress:

16. Denim shirt:
17. Black ruffled collar long sleeve sheer blouse:

18. Colourful ballet flats:
19. Beige leather Chelsea boots:
20. Leather cowboy boots:


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31 Comments on “Shop The Top Fall Fashion Essentials | Fall Fashion Trends 2022”

  1. No shackets for me, they’re too boxy, shapeless and mannish. I love wearing my blazers, moto jackets or short leather coat instead. I haven’t worn my trench coats very much in the last 20 years, probably because they’ve been years of extreme drought here in California. I only wish we had more rainy days to enjoy, or even just some. We have to catch and reuse every drop of water, like that from rinsing dishes, and many people are installing gray-water systems. At least, I did learn that I was washing my clothes much too frequently, everyone takes daily showers (3 minutes!), so unless spotted or grimy, they can be worn several times. Last year we did get almost two feet of rain, but unfortunately it all fell in one day!

  2. Knit dresses are my absolute favorite thing to wear! The comfort is great, and I only need add boots and a blazer to make a great autumn or winter outfit. Often I add a silk scarf or nice belt to change up the looks.

  3. Leonie, I love the t-shirt you’re wearing. I’m not a shacket girl at all but cargo pants are a favorite for me. I only have one pair in camouflage and I found them in a thrift store. It’s important to get that perfect fit. 😊

    1. Thanks Linda! I’ve had my eye in this for a long time and recently treated myself. It’s by Anine Bing so it was def a purchase I had to consider for a while 😳

  4. You’re so knowledgeable! It’s the little details and suggestions – and you bring it out of each (piece) presentation! 💕 This one was fun!!

  5. Team Shacket! I love them but I’m in Vancouver and it’s a perfect layering piece in our fall/winter/spring weather. We are rainy more than cold, and a snuggly flannel shacket goes perfectly for our weather and lifestyle.

    1. Okay okay I’ve pulled out my suede shacket from the shadows of my closet, it still has a label on it 😂
      I’m going to style it for my mom for today. I think it’s right up her ally 👖 🧥

  6. I live in the western US and absolutely *hate* cowboy boots! Also a hard no on shackets. I have two classic trenches that I love, but never wear. They just feel out of place here, especially since it rarely rains. Happy to see wider, longer pants though! Ballet flats? Yes!

  7. I made a rich yellow corduroy shacket last fall and wore it well into Spring. It just went with everything, can’t wait to pull that back out. Yesterday it was 97 degrees here and today it is 56. I have not pulled out my Fall clothes yet so need to be doing that now. Here in Colorado we can have very short Fall and Spring days with cool weather. I am sure by next month I will be freezing and need the heavier jackets.
    I could do ballet flats again and wish I had not gotten rid of mine, I had quite the little collection a decade ago when they were last everywhere. I do remember they were quite comfortable. The chunky soles have always been a hard no for me, being tall and wearing a ladies 11 shoe I do not need to wear those. I do have a chunky pair of heavy duty snow boots for the snow and also wear my hiking boots in the cold winter here. Those are always in style here in Colorado.
    Thanks for another informative video. I do have a number of items you mentioned that I will be pulling out and style up.

    1. Ohhhh no I love it!! It’s like you’re drilling into us that it’s OKAY to own a piece for years and years and not want to throw it out just because it’s not considered “on trend”

  8. Love that I own so much of this already from years past! I’m in my 60’s and save my favorite items and collect “new” items that seem to maintain an overall timeless look.

  9. While fitted or cropped jacket styles work best for my petite hourglass shape, I captured a shacket in two of my best colours (aqua and burnt orange) this past winter. Still felt a bit “industrial” wearing it until I saw the tip about belting it. Wow! A little aqua belt sure delivered a great low contrast shape. Worn with a narrow jean and bootie, I felt more elevated in every way. 😉 Thanks Leonie. Heading in to a beautiful spring here, so it may not get too many outings however I love that we have seasons and get to experiment with pieces I already have.

  10. Yes, shackets are timeless. I wore them in the mid 1990s, and again in 2010s. Although, now they tend to be fabrics blends, whereas in the past the shackets tended to be 100% wool. The boiled wool shackets of the past seemed impermeable when it came to winter’s wind.

  11. I love shackets! I am not into the oversized look though, so I either size down or buy more fitted/structured shackets. They are basically just and extra thick flannel. They are super functional for me, because I am cold all the time. I layered them under my coat in the winter. Love any outwear that is acceptable inside and outside!

  12. I wear over-sized shirts as casual jackets, mostly during the transitions to fall and spring – I have them in corduroy, flannel, and fleece- must be soft, comfortable, not too big, in flattering and yummy color palette.

  13. So interesting as usual! I am thrilled. I have most pieces in my closet. Love Shackets, cowboy boots, trenches and white tanks. Thanks❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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