SECRETS from French women: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Cooking//The BEST TIPS from French women!| Edukale

Secrets from French women: beauty, fashion, food, cooking…The best tips from French women.
I know that French culture is something that interests a lot of you! For today's video, I asked for advice from French women around me in order to give you the best secrets from French women!

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How French women don’t get fat:
French mindset on wellness:
How French moms do it all:
Conversation in French:
Typical French meals:
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34 Comments on “SECRETS from French women: Beauty, Fashion, Food, Cooking//The BEST TIPS from French women!| Edukale”

  1. Hi, so I’m African-American and I never detangle my hair when it’s dry. even though I was always taught to only detangle your hair when it’s dry, I learned that when my hair is soaked in conditioner mixed with water I hardly hear any breakage when I run the brush through my hair. I have a course frizzy wavy hair type, and using this method helped my hair reach down to my bottom.
    So great tip for women with all types of curly hair..
    I love watching your Channel and learning about the French way in doing things. French woman seemed very dainty and feminine and I want to learn more about how to achieve those qualities in my lifestyle.❤💕

  2. Hi! I really love watching your videos and they’ve helped me a lot! I recently became vegan and would love some advice on how to eat healthy and get everything I need. Thanks🥰

  3. hey!! im 17 and struggling with food bcos im still dependent but i want to be more plant based and simple w my food. hope you give tips to teens struggling like me !! <33

  4. Very useful tips. It took me a long time to stop craving (and often buying) all the makeup I see on social media. Now my skin is much happier. And so is my wallet. 😊 Next step is investing in some silk pillow cases.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing…its been a little over 1 mth since I found your channel and commited 100% to a plant base diet and it has been amazing. I am finally excited about food! I never liked veggies but I realized that making a puree of veggies I can eat them easy and in every meal EVERYDAY! I am having so much fun finding creative ways to make my meals….THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THAT YOU DO AND GENEROUSLY SHARE 💚

  6. Hey Lucie, your hair is gorgeous. I can tell you just let it be natural. I love that. My hair is similar to yours. It’s sort of wavy with curlies underneath. Tell me, how often do you go to the salon for a trim?

  7. Thank you for this tips! I always like to take tips in life and beauty from the old woman’s i find them sticking with routines and living much healthier life so can you make a video on old french woman 👵 tips in healthy and beauty secrets and life routines.. like grandma tips! 😃❤️💫🙏🏻

  8. Never dry-brushing curly hair is essential unless you want to look like an alpaca. It also hurts a lot. Perfume is something I don’t apply to my skin as I have eczema. I spray it on my clothes.

  9. Agree with all except for the clean ingredients. There’s no such thing as clean ingredients, as all skincare products require chemicals. Water is a chemical. Essential oils are also irritating to skin if they are not regulated well. We should all use products that feels good to us, and stop believing in the false advertising of clean beauty. The poison is in the dosage.

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