RV Camping Hacks / Tips That Will Save Your Marriage 🤣 & Cost You Nothing

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*RV Camping Hacks / Tips That Will Cost You Nothing & Save Your Marriage* This episode is full of random RV camping hacks, tips & tricks to make RV life easier, safer, and maybe even save you a few dollars. Keep scrolling down to see more info about this video ⬇

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44 Comments on “RV Camping Hacks / Tips That Will Save Your Marriage 🤣 & Cost You Nothing”

  1. Great idea’s, thanks. One thing we decided on, not really a hack but I never trusted the water holding tank for drinking, so we bring drinking water and use the holding tanks for showers, dishes, etc…

  2. Wow!…that garbage bag trick with the command hooks is so simple but absolutely genius! Running into my RV now to do just that. What a brilliant tip. Thank you!

  3. Great video, Ross! I use wood blocks I had left over from a deck project under my stabilizers. When traveling I store them in the 5 gallon bucket used to cover the jack. I used a router to round the edges of the blocks to makes them easier to handle. I always look forward to your videos. Fellow 2150rb owner.

    1. that works too! Great idea! I use the bucket to carry firewood sometimes. I used to use wood blocks under my stabilizers but after not using the blocks to level anymore, i wanted to either get rid of the wood or the blocks. the blocks won, the wood was free. Thanks for commenting Daryl.

    2. @RV Tips & Travels I use the leveling blocks flipped upside down under my stabilizers, but I also have a wood block under my tongue-jack, because my jack doesn’t have a foot, and the wood block is easier to replace when the jack inevitably cuts through it.

    3. Ha, my college roommate would do the radio trick to help him sleep because I snorred to loud. Before he learned that trick, he would throw pennies at me. Thinking I would roll over on my belly and no longer snore. When I got up the next morning, pennies would be stuck to my body. My poor penny-pinching self would collect them in the shower.

  4. I liked these tips. Short and sweet.
    I had already turned my propane tank cover around, but to add extra security, I drilled small holes next to both sides the hinge and added cable ties, not too tight, just in case the hinges blow loose.

  5. Here is my tip… Learn to do your own RV maintenance and use a good car maintenance management program ( I use Automotive Wolf car care software ) to track and monitor it all. It also tracks all my parts, expenses and creates a detailed vehicle maintenance log. After RV’ing for over 10 years I’ve saved thousands by doing most of the maintenance myself and there is a lot of it on an RV! A small roof leak can cost you thousands in repairs so I check my roof at least twice a year. Keep on top of the maintenance and you’ll save money and be RV’ing for years 🙂

  6. I always carry 20 gallons in the fresh tank because I’m towing my own rest stop. Also, spare expanding shower curtain rods store easily under the bed. They rest really well on top of the midline trim of the shower and can be used to dry wet towels between showers (without that trim, you may need to tighten the rods to the shower walls).

  7. I’ve been RVing on and off for like 20 years, and your advice and tips make me feel like I’ve never even been in an RV! Keep it coming my friend!!👏🏻

  8. Rubber bands to keep cabinets closed. I use a anchor cleaves for the oh no break cabel. It’s made of stainless steel and the nut is held in place with a hitch pin. Use only one lp gas tank if you have two. This way when the tank is empty you have the second full one. Just remember to fill the empty one.

  9. Finally, someone who has clearly thought out smart tips, tricks and how-to’s and has the personality and expertise to present them properly. I just found your videos and we (my wife & I) are binge watching them all. We just pulled our (new to us) RV out of winter storage to do some updates, ….and there you are showing us how to do it all….. so all this to say…. THANK YOU ROSS!! ….We love your show!! JP&Louise

  10. Just subscribed, love that you get right to point without the lengthy chatter that so many video bloggers seem to think is necessary today. Thank you!

  11. 3:37 Another idea is to use a thick binder type rubber band to hold the liner in place. Also, the smaller produce/meat type bags are better because they are less likely to leak.

  12. Just a reminder you may want to add. IF you drain your water heater, make sure you refill it before turning it on, water on and relief valve open until water comes out.. Especially for the electric side which could be damaged or the gas side which could trip the high temp limit.

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