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Menstruation is a woman’s monthly normal vaginal bleeding, often called the period.
When a baby girl is born, her ovaries contain hundreds of thousands of eggs, which stay inactive until puberty begins.
There isn't one right age for a girl to get her period but most girls get their first period about 2 years after their breasts start to develop. when they're between age 10 and 15 but it's different, every girl's body has its own schedule. two structures in the brain, the pituitary gland, and the hypothalamus produce complex hormones that stimulate the ovaries to make female sex hormones start and control The menstrual cycle. and it will continue to about age 51 . usually lasting from three to 8 days.
The menstrual cycle includes several phases.
The first phase of the menstrual cycle begins on the first day of bleeding and lasts for about 14 days.
The pituitary gland (located at the base of the brain) releases a hormone called FSH. This hormone causes one fluid-filled “follicles contain a mature egg to develop. The maturing follicle produces the hormone called estrogen. which increases over and peaks in about day 12 and causes The lining of the uterus (endometrium) to become thicker and more enriched with blood vessels.in fact, the women's body prepares to get pregnant.

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  1. So good, as a woman seeing an animation that clearly explains the process that happens to my body every month is really helpful and educational, thank you dandelion team u are great as always!

    1. Lol😂you’re right on that. I learned more on the show called ancient aliens on the history channel then I did in my history classes back in high school. To me that just goes to show how awful the school system really is. If they made it less boring and more interesting then maybe students would actually get something out of it and would like the class more.

  2. This should be taught not only to girls, but to boys as well. Periods are just a natural occurrence to the body. It shouldn’t be something to be ashamed or disgusted. Wonderful video!

  3. Women go through all this every month! And while they are on their period they could have an exam, an interview or any important thing in their lives but they go through all this without even complaining! Women are really a miracle of nature

    1. 🌸workout ssassy🌸 I’m so sorry you had to go through that and to think you and all the women on earth go through that every month really saddens me and to be very honest I may never truly understand you pain but you are very strong I don’t think I can’t ever imagine bleeding through my genitals every month. Your strength really is extraordinary

    2. @Coverage that’s alright, you do deserve to complain seeing what bad plumbing has nature did with human female you deserve to complain! The human reproductive system is a miracle of nature that’s true but menstrual bleed is still the worst part of it! It’s painful, messy, sometimes embarrassing (never be embarassed tho) so it’s okay to complain to ones whom you love and I’m sure they will try to take you pain away in any way possible

  4. Shoutout to my teachers in middle school and high school who were efficient and succinct in teaching how the female menstrual cycle worked. It’s a testament to them that I understood all of this and knew all of it already.

    Great animation and video. Thanks for sharing, Dandelion!

    1. My mom never told me anything. And because of that, I told my daughter everything that I could about how she may feel. I bought pads for her and told her to keep it in her school bag. Sadly, the teacher that was talking to the class about menstruation, asked.. “how many of you have had conversations about the period with your parents?” Just my daughter and another girl raised their hand. 2 out 30 girls, step up Mothers. (I also have two boys and they know the extent of the pain because I explained it to them)

  5. As a woman this was amazing to watch and I love how they put heavy emphasis on the fact that every girls period starts at any given time when the body is ready, I got mine on my 8th birthday and I was terrified because I thought I was too young and didn’t understand why I got it at such an early age, but now that I’m 20 I’ve heard that some girls have gotten theirs as early a 7 and that it’s completely normal to start “early”

    1. Wow that’s young! In my school a classmate got it at age 10 so I thought that was young. I got mine at age 12, thankfully after school. I told my best friend and she told me to use toilet paper until I get home :p

  6. I live in Brazil and in my old school biology teacher taught us, girls and boys, about our bodies and the difference between us.
    I think it is really helpful for girls and boys to know how their bodies works. Thanks for the video

  7. I had some idea about menstruation but this animation literally made everything crystal clear! Being a man I don’t feel any shame talking about it and no one else should either.

  8. I love how this video’s educational both from the scientific side and human side. Normalizing how it’s different for each and why we should change our mindset about the blood, it’s beautiful, thank you so much.

  9. As a single young man who’s found finding love in life a real challenge. I am in awe at the detail expressed within this docco. Thankyou Genevieve for being there to share with me a moment with you through that experience. I love womens bodies they are amazing thanks Mum and Dad too.

  10. I’m a male, mom never consent to me taking sex ed class. I’m just now learning this at 40, great video. I give credit for women that they have to go through this every month.

    1. That’s very depressing, knowing there’s parents out there depriving their kids of proper sex education, then they wonder what went wrong when their kid is having a baby at 16. The requirement of parental consent for such education should be eliminated. I’m glad you did your own research on it regardless of your age.

  11. I hope they start teaching like this in schools too. As a guy of 19 yrs now I really understand what Periods are and what actually happens to females.
    Tysm for making animations like this ✨❤ Lots of love from India 🇮🇳❤

  12. As a man, I’ve encountered menstrual blood at times when having intercourse. A woman can’t always tell if her period has started or if it’s completely finished. I learned it’s no big deal. It might be messy, but it’s not at all disgusting or dirty. All it takes is a little washing up. An extra towel or two can protect the sheets if you are unsure. I found in some ways, it can be an even more intimate experience with a woman, sharing something so personal. It’s just a normal function of the female body.

    1. But as a woman, I will still feel sorry if that ever happen.thats why I always warn my husband when my period is coming,what date it will be..so in case he wanted to do it,need to do it fast if he didn’t want to see something disgusting 😅

      But in the bright side,he always remember my date of menstrual and if we went to doctor for check up,he can remember clearly when was the last time I had period better than myself haha

  13. I’m a guy but this was still very informational and I think everyone, no matter their gender, should learn the male and female puberty processes

  14. I’m in my 40s and didn’t know how it all actually worked until now. Very informative. Incredible how the corpus luteum knows whether or not the egg has been fertilized and acts accordingly either to keep preparing the uterus for pregnancy or to flush out the debris.

  15. At first I wasn’t shocked after watching it because of being a science student but the respect for you all women’s are much increased than before 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻a huge salute to all those mother’s who suffer ultimate pain to give birth to new life 🙏🏻🙏🏻literally very informative content ever found on yt

    1. Dudes nuts make spermies…much respect for my nuts. Lungs be taking in oxygen…much respect for those that xan breathe. Grass is green and say is blue…much respect for all the things twe don’t control that happen anyway.

  16. as a female from a religious family and school who literally refused to talk about this, just told me yeah cramps and blood once a month, wear a pad, as if it’s something to be ashamed of, i’m happy this video exists. i’m happy to know what happens to my body and i believe this should be shown to boys and girls alike.

    1. ​@Ashley churchill

      Who cares. You can believe in Spider-Man but that doesn’t make it real.

      Besides, you wouldn’t need to pretend something is or was if that is or was the case. 😶

  17. I had my first period at age 12, and honestly it was very frightening for me, but with the help of a patient mother and a little sister, things got better consistently. I am almost 5 years into getting periods and this video gave me a lot of insight of what i should have known long ago about the process of periods and why I bloat so much. Thank you 😊👌

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