Oops I did it again 😲 new hair YAYYY

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40 Comments on “Oops I did it again 😲 new hair YAYYY”

    1. @Denitslava Makeup I was watching a movie yesterday….there was a scene where the hero said “WHAT CAN POSSIBLY GO WRONG”
      …..after hearing I fell off the bed laughing…..i couldn’t stop my laughter …..the moment I heard that glorious line it remained me of you…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  1. HONEY babeee 🍯🍯🍯🍯 ( anyone remember the honey mango song? 😁😁😁 )

    that stain on my shirt is foundation 😑

    1. I watch ur videos alot last night i had a dream that u moved to india and u’ve become my neighbour .. it was really amazing dream but when i woke up i was like duh it can’t be real ….. love from india xoxo

    2. Noooooooooooooooo dennnnyyyyyy🙁 I know you love it but you are pretty just the way you are ❤️
      Whhyyyyyyyyyyy did you change your hair color🙁
      Any way I love you unconditionally
      So love u❤️💜

  2. To be honest I love this color way more then there other one 🥰.Not hating I am kinda happy that it Wachted off. I love your videos so much.

  3. You can actually tell how much Denny loves food…
    She uses food to describe everything like both of her hair colors…
    And I love that…😍😂

  4. tomorrow i have exam and still i haven’t studied anything but still whenever i get her notification i just run into her video ay ways pray for me guys

  5. I really branch out when I see the black filter,This means that there is a misfortune that has happened and of course you are the one who did it😭😭😂

  6. * me chilling out *
    * Me started dancing when saw denny post a new *
    * Me shocked when read the title and the video *

    Really again you change you hair colour and hair style btw its cool 😎✌️

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