Today, I'm testing a makeup application tool that is supposed to make makeup even and flawless with an airbrush finish. Everyone that applies on makeup would say all of these makeup applicators are great. The question is, how does this tool perform and how does it apply in comparison the traditional methods? I'm going to test all of that in today's video on how well this particular cordless airbrush tool work and how does the foundation wear throughout the day.

Products Used/Mentioned:
*Mineral Air Complexion Starter Kit (Porcelain):
Winky Lux Universal Brow Pencil:
Benefit 24H Brow Gel:
*Kosas Concealer:
*Rare Beauty Concealer Brush:
*Patrick Ta Creme Contour & Powder Bronzer Duo:
*Fenty Beauty 125 Face Brush:
*Saie Liquid Blushes:
*100% Pure Blush Brush:
*Ulta Beauty Blush Brush:
Wander Beauty Mascara:

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  1. I am very obsessed with either the Sephora airbrush foundation but especially my go to is the Dior skin airflash omg compliments all the time!! Even with one spray on the face and a buff quick with a brush is magic!! Lasts and lasts!!

    1. @aidah khan she’s taking some time off. With the whole Jeffrey, Shane, James drama and her own lawsuit with crystal ball plus her own brand. She’ll be fine, she’ll be back.

    1. @JClover2 if it were for a wedding, yes i think it’d be worth it… do the bride and bridesmaids would probably save money ultimately because wedding makeup/hair is super expensive (if you get it done), so i think it’d be worth it for something like that potentially…..

    2. Honestly your wedding day is not a time to try a new foundation technique typically I recommend going for whatever you know works best that you’ve already done and had great results with

  2. Very great video, I found it very helpful. I have wanted to try an air-brush look. I have often thought of getting Luminesce. I have Lupus DKE & SLE, so I have some scarring. Thank you for this Demonstration!

    ❤Love❤ and 🔆Light🔆,

  3. It looks fun,and stunning on your beautiful skin! I would consider using it on clients for weddings! Not for me though but enjoyed the review 💖

  4. I own the Luminess air brush system and enjoy it very much. The only piece of advice I can give you is to not spray so close to your face. That’s what caused your blotchiness and over use of product. A setting spray also helps after the foundation dries down onto your skin.

    1. Ditto! There are truly other must have products that will change how you apply make up as well as how this luminess air brush makes makeup application very quick and even. There are so many videos i had to watch to find the correct techniques for me so i cant see anyone just grabbing this new “toy” and being 100% happy with their result from the first try. It takes practice and then you won’t use much else. Had you had the prepping products, there would not be any crepiness under eyes as an example. It doesn’t HAVE to be a FULL Luminesse system but you do end up falling in love with it.
      PS: Good girl on cleaning asap after use! Hygiene is No. 1 with this type of make up application but its worth it and Luminesse doesn’t take that long once u find your way! This would be great for a “go” bag for Luminesse and I’m surprised they haven’t made one!

    2. I’m watching this (and other airbrush reviews) because I’m considering buying the Luminess Breeze. The other videos I’ve watched today (the non-sponsored ones) all say they don’t like it, BUT it was also first impression. They hadn’t used them before, and I assume there’s probably a little learning curve. I am 41 and have fairly textured skin already from teenage acne. I’m getting to the point where normal foundation doesn’t look great on me anymore. I’m hoping airbrush will look better. Thank you for commenting your experience. It’s good to know that people do actually enjoy it, before I drop a couple hundred bucks on it.

    3. @SoulShiner1115 I have textured skin too. Have you tried using a bb cream instead of foundation? I recommend The Missha bb cream. It hides texture really well, at least for me

  5. You are so fun to watch and brave for trying all sorts of new things and sharing it with us! I would take a pass on this one however it was great how you supported it with pros and cons. Keep up the great videos 🙂

  6. The product will spread out when you hold the airbrush further away. If you have the option, don’t hold the button all the way down. I promise, this will help with being able to spread the product. I love using my Luminess airbrush! I’ve used it for over 2 years now.

  7. I love all your video’s. Love to you , Andrè and Emorett.
    Also thanks for some inspiration to start my own channel Eve Rogers. I now have a cpl of video’s up that were somewhat inspired by you. So thank you. Any tips appreciated.
    I would so not be good enough to use one of these machines successfully at all. I’d make a big mess I reckon. Your looks are always flawless no matter what the product. 💜💜💜💜

  8. I have a question – if you just put 22 drops of the foundation into like a little dappen dish or something and apply it as you would any other foundation, with a brush or sponge do you think it would give you better coverage, a more even finish and better longevity? I’m always curious about airbrush makeup and whether it does make the product go further so it would be an interesting experience to do.

  9. I love your videos! You always test out such interesting products! I’ve had the Luminess Air airbrush system for several years but I’ve never been able to find a good shade match so I started using it to air brush nail art lol

    1. Like does it work well specifically for nails? I’m one of the few who somehow I’m blessed with the ability to do makeup but when I do my nails it looks like a 5-year-old did them

    2. It does work well. I use regular gel polish and thin it out with acetone and I’ve had no issues. I think I’m going to order some actual airbrush paint but so far it works good. It’s especially good for ombré nails.

  10. Eh Milabu ! Love your advice and tests on the beauty products! And always with a smile!!! Could you use a sponge to smooth the foundation where you said the product didn’t look well applied ? And what about a adding some loose powder after ? What do you think ? Or could you do a test with more product to see the difference if there is any? I’m just curious , 🌈😘

  11. This could not on it’s best day compare to the Luminesse air brush system!! Looks like a waste of money to me but thank you for testing it out!

  12. With that lighting, it actually looks great even with just the light to medium coverage. This would probably look great after Dermaplaning.

    1. Pro mua here who specializes in airbrush! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Most of the time you can take a liquid foundation shake it really well and thin it out with the Temptu mixing medium. It will sheer out the foundation but should help it go through if you are using an airbrush gun.

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