Normal Fashion Trends OUT OF STYLE in 2021 | Fashion and style edit

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Normal Fashion Trends OUT OF STYLE In 2021 | Fashion and style edit
After watching Shea Whitney's recent video 10 "Normal" Fashion Trends OUT OF STYLE in 2021! I couldn't help but put my own spin on this and share the trends I think are out of style too. I know these types of videos can be a little contentious and if you love any of these trends then please continue wearing them and loving them. This video is very much my personal take on the trends so I'd love to hear if you agree or disagree with my "trends to trash" in the comments below.
Anyway, thank so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you again in my next video.

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47 Comments on “Normal Fashion Trends OUT OF STYLE in 2021 | Fashion and style edit”

  1. Never worn crew necks as a busty woman. Makes me look huge! Have always worn v neck, square, sweetheart, swoop neck. And ponchos will always be in my closet. I always enjoy these videos but always pay attention to what looks good on me and not just the latest thing.

    1. Yes Alison that is exactly my point with crew necks. They do tend to make you look larger and often we don’t realise what’s happening because a crew neck is always considered such a basic style. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I bought 2 ponchos this yr(I also saw Sheas video)and they are the perfect layering piece.I am a high school teacher and due to covid we have all the windows open,(it’s cold 🥶)so it’s easier to write on the whiteboard wearing a more flexible poncho rather than coats etc.I aggree with everything else.🧡

  3. I generally agree with you, except for the sleeveless turtle necks, because I find them very useful for layering, under blazers, thick sweaters, or even dresses and shirts. And you can transform a beautiful crew neck with a thin sleeveless t.n. in the same color underneath.

    1. I have a gorgeous Kenzo sleeveless turtleneck that I wear at winter parties; I love it and it looks almost a bit daring in a conservative environment – some ‘outdated’ pieces mentioned are actually fashion forward in certain parts of the world 🌎

  4. OUT of style, only to be BACK in style in two years. 😁 I really enjoy these videos but don’t take them seriously. I know what I like and I know what looks great on me and that’s what I’ll be wearing! 🥰

    1. And that’s exactly how these videos are intended – they are a bit of fun and mostly very personal opinion. I love the fact you know what looks great and what you’ll be wearing 🙂

  5. Personally, I feel that crew neck T’s are more youthful especially under an oversized blazer. To me, ponchos are what more mature women wear. So sadly not agreeing with you on those items.

  6. your channel! Definitely agree with most of the items you listed today and I’d like to add another….ripped jeans!…especially really ripped jeans as opposed to just a little distressed. Not sure why ripped jeans made in the first place but they definitely need to go! Look forward to your next video and reading your new blog! Love from Canada! Xx

    1. Oh yes I totally agree with you on the overly ripped jeans. I actually do like a little distressing on jeans but less and less in the last few years. Thanks for sharing Madonna 🙂

  7. Personally I don’t pay much attention to Shea Whitney’s suggestions, as she’s proven throughout the history, that her opinions change too fast for a regular person to keep up with. I think each of us have our own style, a different body type, and unique way of wearing things. What suits one person can look terrible on someone else. The same thing applies to so called dated trends.

    1. She said that black eyeliner looks harsh, which suggests that her target audience has red, blonde or brown hair and eyelashes. However most of the planet has black hair, and it’s shown by how black is the most common bobby pin color. 2nd most common is dark brown hair.

  8. Sorry but crewnecks for life lol 🤩 my fave items to thrift are mens crewneck tees & sweaters 🙌 they just look so much cooler than v necks or scoop necks which aren’t that flattering on me

  9. I’m with you re ponchos. I’m a huge fan. They’re practical and versitile.
    Now, animal prints – as you said – are timeless and for some they’re a signature look.
    Who cares if mass interest is waning?

  10. I will never part with my ponchos and kimonos! Strangely many of the things you pointed out are front and center in the stores this season, especially the sweater vest.

    1. Yes sweater vests are everywhere but sadly this will be the last season they are front and centre. Not that I really care to be honest because I’ll still be wearing mine because I love them 🙂

  11. I would add those waterfall-lapel jackets and sweaters, I have one still that’s getting purged today. I never thought short-sleeved or sleeveless sweaters were very wearable, if it’s cold enough for a sweater, my arms need to be covered.

  12. The reason I like my fitted crew neck tshirts is because they make me look more busty😂, im small chested and also thin so I think I can wear them well. I dont watch a lot of Shea’s videos, but I did see that one. Im not a poncho girl myself, but like them on others. The one that I disagreed with her was the faux fur. I love my faux fur jackets and wear them a lot. I love your channel, I’ll definitely check out your blog

  13. If ponchos are out, someone had better tell retailers! They’re showing a ton of them in stores. I haven’t worn crew necks in years….I have massively broad shoulders and they have never flattered me!

    1. Yes crews are tricky if you have broad shoulders which is one of the reasons they don’t flatter my figure. And yes ponchos are trending at the moment and I truly believe they are timeless so I think I will always be a fan 🙂

  14. Keeping ponchos, oversized sweaters that are a staple for my tall frame, oversized coats for the same reason, vests as they are fab with slim fit turtlenecks and… neon. At least neon yellow which just lights up my complexion. As you often say, style over trends and if I like it, I’ll wear it. Bisous from France!

  15. If you lived In Florida you would understand the sleeveless turtleneck. It’s perfect by its self and under jackets. Love ponchos, again perfect for Fl. Animal print is a basic. It will never go out of style! Again sweater vests and cold shoulder sweaters are just enough when you live in Fl. Love to agree to disagree. Love your videos. 😎

  16. What I’ve learned in my 50 years on this planet is that There aren’t any rules when it comes to fashion and that’s whats I love about fashion!!!!

  17. Ponchos are a no-go in this household…My husband very politely asked that I never wear “a blanket” and I have to say I agree. They just look to slouchy and silly but to each his own.

  18. LOL…. I almost spit out my smoothie when you said we may not like our crew necks because they make us look “bigger” and “bustier.” Maybe that’s why I *do* like them: I’m tiny, narrow-shouldered, and small-busted. Bring on the things that make me look bustier! 😂 A little bigger is fine, too. 👍

  19. I love crewnecks and they look fabulous on me! They will always be in my closet! Ponchos are timeless. Thanks for the square space suggestion! Love the idea! I agree COMPLETELY with the oversized looks. I really don’t like the look at all, especially blazers. I think people should ignore trends all together and wear things that compliment your body type, personal style and skin tone.

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