My HUGE LIFE CHANGE and Transition

In this video I share my HUGE life change and transition. It was very difficult to make this video and share my news but I owe it to my community to let you know what was going on with me and getting a divorce at over 50. I needed to keep it real… I am sad but also so excited to have a new place in New York city and start a new life with my daughter! Have you gone through a life transition? How did you survive? Please leave comments below as I can use all the help I can get. LOL! I love my community. I hope you consider subscribing to follow me on my journey as I live my best life now more than ever. Please check out my NEW website: (subscribe to my newsletter) – I have curated the best organic products for life's changes
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In this video Dawn Gallagher shares her story for women over 40, 50 and beyond,
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22 Comments on “My HUGE LIFE CHANGE and Transition”

  1. Hi Dawn!!Oh,I am sorry to hear this and don’t apologize life changes are difficult,sending you blessings for healing,hugs,support!!your place is really nice and the views are beautiful

  2. You are beautiful and loved by many . Love your new home , it’s gorgeous! Many good thoughts and well wishes to you as you start your new life . Will say a prayer for you doll .

  3. Your courage, transparency and chosen positive outlook is a testament to the strength of your character. Dr. Ramani’s (a psychologist) videos on difficult relationships have been found to be key to the healing of many grieving over broken relationships. Her videos can be found on YouTube. Best wishes.

  4. Dawn, this was/is a big one – very raw. It’s a testament to your very present, appreciative, kindly, social, tender spirit – that you thought it fit to share. Allow yourself the full emotional ride. Simultaneously, you are lovely, there’s a child in the mix you obviously adore, and your blessed now to be able to create this new, very personal foundation and vital metaphor for this next phase of your life. As you were guiding us through the space, many ideas for you popped into my head – not knowing, of course, what your particular aesthetic is, as well, your budget limits. As you asked us to share suggestions, I’ll do that , even in a context of partial mystery. This is already long, so I’ll continue in a separate comment

  5. For texture, warmth, compensation for flat, white walls – grass papers, rice papers for an entire room, even a wall in a room. Again, for added texture, I’d definitely find some kind of tile (I’ve even seen wood used), for the back wall between the counter and cabinets in the kitchen . I’d also make sure to find very rich, beautifully hued fabric (double backed always adds luxury) for the windows – even a terrifically preserved vintage fabric , and then juxtapose that with a Japanese-in-spirit , woven flat shade that you could pull up and down. A heavy, high end fabric, and a pull shade like this will give warmth, and a kind of quick dignity to the visual space. And last – really consider your lighting. Stay away from flat, cold, “cheap dressing room” overhead things, and go for great sconces, lamps -and if you incorporate an overhead piece – make sure it casts warm, flattering light. And in conclusion, honor the space as an extension of your soul. No platitudes, Dawn, but just stay present in this very dimensional adventure – and a home that nurtures, being one of those dimensions. Thank you for all your lovely downloads. Please update us when appropriate for you. The very best-

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us Dawn. You will move forward and as you mentioned there are blessings in this. It is hard to recognize them but you will. Your new home looks lovely and I cannot wait to see your new reveal with it furnished. May you continue to be blessed.

  7. 🌻 first it’s okay to cry, it’s good to cry. Second hang in there you’re going to make it through this and like you said this can be an exciting time and an adventure as well. You’ll be okay

  8. Dawn, please ignore the lines through the text below. Cyber gremlins do this intermittently, and I seem to have no ability to prevent. It looks terrible, and it’s embarrassing. Try to read the text anyway. This is my 3rd comment. The order of them really beginning 2 comments below. I’d start with that one first.

    1. You are a love ❤️ and your support means everything to me! I am out but will respond when I’m at my computer. This has been so ch a difficult year. 😢

  9. I am so touched by how raw and real you are in this video. It is easy to think that life is easy for a supermodel and celebrity. But life can be challenging for everyone. You show us how to be vulnerable AND strong with so much hope and positivity for a fresh, exciting future. Thanks for your transparency. You are an inspiration. Love you Dawn Gallagher!!!!

  10. 🌻 you know what you need since you got a new home you should adopt a couple of cats who need a new home too and then you can all start this next chapter together 😘

  11. Your new apartment is gorgeous! Those park views are so calming and restorative. It’s an awesome space for a fantastic woman to start a new journey. 💜

  12. Dawn, you got this! I know it can be challenging (i went thru this when i turned 40) but life just got better and better for me once the heartache subsided. I LOVE your new apartment. It is HUGE for NYC. and so filled with light and gorgeous nature views. A healing apartment, imho. Cant wait to see how you decorate it!! Sending lots of love from Cleveland. ❤🤗

  13. Love you Dawn!!! You’re a great inspiration and I truly appreciate you! Oh my gosh honey I’m so sorry…. THIS IS YOUR NEW JOURNEY AND I GIVE YOU SO MUCH CREDIT… I LOVE IT! I love that you are not stuck in a Golden Cage!!! You’re going to be ok.. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💥💥💥🥰🥰😘🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

  14. Thank you for posting this honest video. I wish you only the best moving on into this new part of your life. So many of us have gone through this and it’s definitely difficult, but it just gets easier as time goes by. Your home looks amazing , especially all lMuch love to you.

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