My Client had This Weight Loss Drink For 30 Days | 110% Shocking Results | 3 Ingredient Fat Cutter

Looking For the Best Weight Loss Drink For Weight Loss ? The Ultimate Fat Cutter To lose Weight & Belly Fat . I am Dietitian Natasha Mohan and today I will be reviewing if this 3 Ingredient Weight Loss Drink for you today Coffee , Lemon and Cinnamon, all these ingredients are known for their weight loss benefits . Will this Fat Cutter Drink will give you magical weight loss results. My Client had this Drink but she also controlled her diet and exercised , I was shocked when she send told me her weight loss results.
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  2. Drink
    1glass water
    Dalchini 1 ps
    2-3 min cooking
    Coffee powder 1tps
    1-2 min cooking
    Add lemon
    Daily basis
    Empty stomach or after 45 min after eating.

  3. 1 cup water
    Add cinnamon
    And add half lemon juice
    Take it in empty stomach in morning
    And after 40-45min of dinner in evening
    Thanks me later ❤️🕊️❤️

    1. I think it will be the same results if you just put everything in a cup and add boiled water. Thanks for transelation in English .the title is in English , but she doesnt speak English , doesnt really help.

  4. I have started this drink first thing in the morning then followed by one of your workout vids 👍🏽 can you recommend a drink before bed? A drink that some how helps to clear you in the morning? Thanks

  5. I’ve been drinking this everyday first thing when I wake up for the past week and a half and I’ve managed to successfully drop 3.5 kgs in just one week. But that was possible because I paired it with a caloric deficit which is usually very difficult for me to do since I crave junk and sugary foods a lot but I think the cinnamon and coffee worked as appetite suppressants due to which I don’t feel as hungry as I used to all day and it’s had worked like a miracle for my cravings too!!! Haven’t had junk food at all since I started ofer a week ago where as i used to have junk food almost everyday!!!!!

    1. @Chazzz no! Sometimes a little walk but I think I only did that twice too because I’m so lazy. Maybe the results would’ve been even better if I did incorporate some excercise into my routine

  6. Hey Doc! Can I use acv instead of lemon in this drink? Also, coffee usually increases white discharge for me… So, will this be okay to drink?

    1. For relieving white discharge, please have 5-7 tender sheesham leaves everyday. You can also powder sheesham leaves and have a pinch of it with warm water… i had a worse condition of white discharge and this helped me…

    2. ​@Parimita Mishra M2 tone anta tanik you use for white acts like miracle…I suffered white discharge from many days..Got this from doctor..

  7. Whoever has heat issue…trust me,you must MUST skip this drink..or you’ll end up with heat bumps and then you’ll need atleast 3-4 months min to recover from all the other issues including this too

  8. Hello mam can we use turmeric and ginger also in this coffee drink ? Cause i take your cinnamon,ginger, turmeric tea at night and want to use same leftover to this coffee in morning can i ?

  9. If I drink the cinnamon, coffee and lemon mixer on an empty stomach in the morning then at what time should I eat chia seeds in the diet chart?

  10. Hi Ma’am, can we make this drink for 1 week all together and store it into the fridge, would it be fine ? If yes, then could you please tell me the quantity of cinnamon and coffee?

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