MY CAKE PICKS MY MAKEUP | Makeup Challenge

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41 Comments on “MY CAKE PICKS MY MAKEUP | Makeup Challenge”

  1. Congratulations to everyone who is early and found this comment on💥
    Have a beautiful time ahead😊
    Sending lots of love from Life style ❤

  2. My exams are knocking at the door and I got notification
    Hey, our lovely deny posted another video go watch it, dumbiie 😂😅😅love you

  3. You can also do it like this : bake some cupkaes and tell your boyfriend to put random colors in every one and then you will just pick one randomly and you will have to do your makeup only with this color and this shades

  4. Me comparing my make-up skills with Deni – *broken inside*
    Me comparing my Cooking skills with Deni – *sharing the same brain cells*

  5. She never fails when it comes to entertaining 😂😂 and funny af

    Is my comment highlighted? 😱😱 finally she has noticed me 😰😵😍

  6. Deni: OH! I have cake crumbs all over myself
    (Dusts herself)
    Deni: Problem solved. Now I have cake crumbs all over the floor.

    SHE IS MOOD……😅😅😅😅

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