My 21 BEST Purchases of 2021! *you NEED these*

My 21 BEST Purchases of 2021! *you NEED these* For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

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1. Corduroy Shirt Jacket (L):
Smooth Tank Top:
Smooth Bodysuit:

2. Plaid Shirt Jacket (M):

3. White Blouse w/o Pockets (M):
White Blouse w/ Pockets (M):

4. Skims “Cozy" Collection:

5. One-Size Bra’s & Underwear:

6. Best Low Socks:

7. Gucci Perfume:

8. Coffee (Ground):
Whole Bean:

9. PEMF Mat:

10. Heated Blanket

11. Waterpik: OR

12. Mouth Rinse:

13. Vitamin D3 & K:

14. Makeup Eraser:
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15. Makeup Brush Cleaner:

16. Jewelry Cleaner:

17. Shea Whitney x Victoria Emerson:
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18. Cartier Bracelet (Preloved):
*mine is regular thick size, not small/thin)

19. Gucci Purse:

20. Bumble Bee Wallet:

21. Backpack (M):

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(All my FAVORITE Amazon products in one place…FOLLOW ME!)

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Vlogging Camera:
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22 Comments on “My 21 BEST Purchases of 2021! *you NEED these*”

  1. I hope the shirt jacket continues into 2022. I have a cute one from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that I have barely worn because Texas has been very warm this year! 😬

  2. The new wei barely zero bra and amazon backpack were definitely among my favorite purchases this year too so thank you for those recommendations! I bought one of the barely zero bras after you recommended it and after I wore it once I had to update all my bras to it- I even bought my mom a bundle of them for her birthday…. literally most comfortable bra ever and so far they’ve held up well through several washings too, the backpack is also an everyday steeple as I prefer backpacks to purses and love how it’s more secure with zipper on the back…. also agree that vitamin d3 is life changing…. I started taking it 15 years ago for allergic rhinitis and was able to go off of my regular allergy medicine— turns out I was just deficient in d3…D3 deficiency can manifest in so many ways and most of us are deficient in it so it’s my one supplement I would grab if I could only choose one…. thanks for your great recommendations! Happy new year!,

  3. Happy New Year, Shea! I just subscribed and I want to tell you that Im really enjoying your vids; (made a lot of purchases yesterday and today , thank you very much! LOL). You come across very kind and sincere and I like that! Stay classy honey.

  4. Shea, oh my gosh that Cartier bracelet is gorgeous! Thanks for the review of 2021 best purchases! Wishing you a very healthy 2022 & of course to you & your family a blessed & happy New Year! 🍾🥂

  5. Another great thing about that bumblebee wallet is that it is RFID protection, so that no one with a device can get your credit card information electronically from your cards when they’re near you. This really is a thing that can happen!

  6. Shea, LOVE your Gucci handbag and so glad to hear you are using it on the daily. Also, love your Cartier bracelet. You’re right, the diamonds really take it to the next level. Going to have to give the Waterpik in the shower a whirl. That should eliminate the mess. Plus, the makeup brush cleaner sounds promising.

  7. Shea you give the best recommendations and suggestions! ☺️ I seriously have watched for sure more than 5 videos and I really enjoy your content! I’m hoping you can share more info on the shoes you were wearing to showcase the socks #6. They were super cute and looked so comfy!! Definitely going to check out those socks too!! Hitting that subscribe now 😎

  8. Love this video Shea. I wanted to get my daughter an electric blanket for her bday but have been afraid of them. Do you feel this one is safe? Love your bracelets and the bumble bee wallet. I have been looking for something exactly like this. Thank you again for sharing!!

  9. Totally agree with the cozy collection !!!❤️❤️❤️ I don’t wanna wear anything else to bed . So on point with the vitamins d and k , a lot of people don’t realize you have to take together

  10. Loved this video! I got gift ideas as well as will be adding everything you showed to my cart, lol. Unique and noteworthy finds–plus, I am sooo saving up for the Cartier bracelet! Last year I got some of the Victoria Emerson jewelry and was freaking out when I saw you wearing one of the wrap bracelets I got, lol. Thank you for being so entertaining!

  11. I know you have to go through a lot of things we all do but your bubbly personality I just love it God bless you and your family keep those videos coming Happy New Year this is going to be the best New Year we have ever had claiming victory

  12. Thanks for the recommendations. I am starting 2022 as a no buy low buy year and wanted to make my last purchases on 12/31 really count and be a use/need/love purchase and not buy something for the sake of buying something. I needed some comfy bras and no show socks so I did purchase a 3 pack bundle of the bras and the last pair of socks target had in stock. Wanted a few other items too but they were more wants than needs so i resisted. You didnt make it easy! Thanks for sharing. Have a great 2022!

  13. I got number 21 in the same colour large and a solid black small. They are indeed some of my favourite bags of all the time. Never pick up any luxury bags anymore. Go to work, travel, and outings, expect dinner parties with these 2 bags!

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