MASSIVE *IN-STOCK* HAUL – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021! (Public Sale is LIVE)

MASSIVE *IN-STOCK* HAUL – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021! (Public Sale is LIVE) For links to everything shown in this video, click SHOW MORE!

In this video, I share the BEST items from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021!! There are so many amazing sale items – cardigans, sweaters, handbags, jeans, denim, tops, blouses, shoes, boots, sneakers, beauty, & home decor!!! I hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00 Intro
0:48 Clothing
10:56 Shoes
13:10 Jewelry
13:56 Home
15:56 Beauty

(in order of appearance)

1. Mock Neck Top (XS):
2. Seamless Underwear:
3. Seamless Bra’s:
4. Natori Bra:
Natori Underwear:
5. Reversible Bra (S):
6. Moonlight PJ’s (XS):
Shorts Version:
7. Ugg Robe (XS):
8. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan (S):
Other styles:
9. Camel Crop Top (XS):
Camel Pants (XS):
10. Oversized Sweatshirt (XS):
11. Black Sweatshirt (XS, so good!):
12. Athletic Top (S):
Athletic Leggings (S):
13. Wrap Jacket (XS):
14. Toffee Wool Coat (XS):
15. Plaid Shirt (XS):

16. Acid Wash Jeans (25):
17. Wide-Leg Jeans (25):
18. Levi 501 Jeans (25):
Levi 501 Cropped Jeans (25):
19. Paige Jeans (25):
20. Faux Leather Spanx Leggings (S):
21. Faux Leather BlankNYC Leggings (25):
22. Faux Leather Jogger Pants (XS):
23. Faux Leather Trousers (XS):

SHOES (all true-to-size)
24. Mules:
25. Ugg Slippers:
26. Frame Black Boots:
27. Paige Black Boots:
28. Glitter Sneakers:

29. Hoop Earrings:
30. Initial Necklace:

31. Barefoot Dreams Blankets (solid):
32. UnHide Blanket:
33. Soap/Lotion Set:
34. Smart Garden:

35. Dior Lip Set:
36. Slip Hair Ties:
37. LED Face Mask Set:
38. Jumbo All-in-One Wash:
39. Clay Mask:
40. Kiehls Moisturizer:
41. T3 Hair Tools:
42. GHD Styler:
43. NeuLash:
44. La Mer Set:
45. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Set:

Handbags & Wallets:
Zella Joggers: AND
Chelsea Boots:
Oversized Plaid Shirt:
Tory Burch Crossbody:
Plush Slippers:
Loose Sweater:
AG Jeans:


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*FTC Disclaimer: This video was in collaboration with Nordstrom, but products were purchased with my own money & all opinions are my own. I use affiliate links.  As a customer, you do not pay any more or less because of an affiliated link. A small percentage of the sale will go to the person who generated the link. Thank you for your support of my channel!

29 Comments on “MASSIVE *IN-STOCK* HAUL – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021! (Public Sale is LIVE)”

  1. You are SO lucky spanx sends you stuff. Their stuff is absolutely amazing and I love their workout bottoms.
    #17 reminds me of 7th grade jinkos lol
    I’m sad they have sold out of the good American jeans

  2. I had the initial necklace on my wishlist but my initial was sold out yesterday 😭 lol but I was able to still get a few things on my list anyways.

  3. Everything on my wishlist was sold out by 6am today. Why oh why does Nordstrom not do proper inventory? They give away all their popular items to influencers and celebs to flaunt and then when the sale goes live for those of us who actually want to BUY the items, there’s nothing for us. I don’t understand why they continue to do this year after year. Or is Nordstrom strategic and witholding inventory to amp up hype for “sold out” items? 🤔 Items that say “out of stock” surely must be good right? Lol. I’m really looking forward to hopefully buying what I actually want on my wishlist, but it also makes me a bit jaded to see this continue year after year. And how frustrating for the fashion bloggers to put together posts and videos for items that their viewers won’t be able to purchase. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Agree. Everything was sold out even for cardholders. Melissa Goodwin has great videos on the Nordstrom sale. Less of a commercial. More real advice.

    2. I agree am ambassador card holder and when it was time to shop for me I woke up at 3am to place my order and most items were sold out. I did put those items on my wishlist and got notification when they were back in stock. Some of my items are being canceled and I have to be checking and re ordering it again which is weird that they cancel my order but it’s available later on 🤷🏻‍♀️ confusing. I tell myself that at the end it just materialistic stuff and it’s money that I get to keep. I don’t get mad cause it’s just stuff. I still enjoy shopping at Nordstrom. ☺️

    3. @Magdalenabc567 BC very true. I don’t want to get upset as I do about something as dumb as clothes but it’s frustrating for sure. And the crazy thing is, I think they do withhold stock because I remember seeing tons of items that would frequently “sell out” throughout the sale end up at Nordstrom Rack by September. 👀

    4. I am a cardholder and got early access, was able to get everything on my wish list. Then about a week or so after I made my purchase I get an email saying several of my items were cancelled! I go back to the website and see that two of the 3 items were out of stock. One was still in stock in my size so I bought again. Low and behold they were shipped the following day. Very weird! Also, I think the barefoot dreams blankets are overhyped. I don’t own one but I know people that do and they said the softness isn’t the same after washing. I’ve seen a lot of poor reviews on the website too.

    5. @Maria Pascal I’ve heard that too about barefoot dreams. And even if you did really want one, you can get the blankets at Nordstrom Rack right now for a fraction of the price (they’re slightly smaller in size than the ones during the anniversary sale).

  4. You always stay consistent putting out videos even with everything else you have going on. I don’t see that with many other youtube channels. Great video lots of hard work 🎀

  5. I live in Australia & I’ve been so excited to get the cardigan & after u showed it, I went straight online & bought one! Yay so exciting. Only thing is that our dollar is down so much compared to USD but I didn’t care just for once 👍👏👌

  6. The GHD straightener really is the best of the best. I’m biracial and have very curly, coarse hair and it’s the only tool that I trust. Hope you love it!

  7. I’m disappointed with Nordstrom. Everything was already sold out even though I had a Nordstrom card. Honestly, the anniversary sale is overpriced and overhyped. The only people who get the merchandise are the influencers

  8. The sale opens to the public today and I had to stay home sick. I’m stressed because I know it’s going crazy at work right now and what am I doing still? Watching your Nordstrom Anniversary recommendations 🤦🏼‍♀️

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