Man Gives Birth To His Child | My Pregnant Husband

Ari and Caitlyn aren't your regular couple, Ari is a transgender man who is pregnant with his child. Follow Ari on his journey to become a father.

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78 Comments on “Man Gives Birth To His Child | My Pregnant Husband”

  1. If someone assumed he was the father instead of the mother that wouldn’t be discrimination. He looks just like a man but if I didn’t know he was trans, I would naturally assume his wife was the one pregnant. That is NOT discrimination

  2. I just can’t imagine how my mother gave birth to six children including me through naturally that’s pain she endure during birth it’s just beyond words she is really a legend for me respect to entire mother’s patience 👏👏👏👏

    1. @M.HASSAN yeah I’m sorry but I’m not reading all of that. What’s so disgusting with my comment that you felt the need to type this lengthy reply? All I did was comment on the woman’s reaction to witnessing a child being born. Now it really doesn’t matter what you believe or don’t believe, isn’t life still a miracle? I’m assuming with all this talk about God, you’re pro life, right? So at least this woman is happy that a child was born. You could see the love in her eyes and THAT’S what I was commenting on. Not anything more, not anything less. At least you know this child is loved and not left abandoned, neglected, or abused and that’s all that should matter at the end of the day. It honestly and truly blows my mind that people like you are so entitled. If you’re so worried, be worried for yourself and KEEP it to yourself, it’s not anybody else’s problem. And maybe next time if you’re going to comment, try leaving your own comment so if people wanted to read it, they can – but don’t go commenting to complete stranger’s who are just minding their business. I promise you, it’s really not wanted or needed.

  3. It’s just so weird in a way BUT as long as they love each other and are good parents then it’s not a big deal at all. All the best for them ❤

    1. The kid is going to have a tough time growing up in a household with no father figure. Nevermind the important role of the male, never mind how the male and the female sex complement each other during parenting, its now all about just feeling good, spreading those good vibes.

    2. @Fikitupper As long as the kid is loved and cared for and being raised right, there is no difference I believe. But yes, seeing this is a bit weird for most people but shouldn’t matter.

    3. @Lynn Hammer There is a reason why we have male and female sexes. There is a reason why men and women are different and there is a reason why it takes both sexes to make a baby. “Love” alone is not a substitute for a baby’s social and biological needs.

    4. @Fikitupper I disagree, there are many male and female households that are very toxic and bad environments for kids. If anything, the kids who grow up with two dads or two moms as long as it’s in a loving environment with good values, will grow up to be more accepting and as long as they grow up to be decent human beings and caring people it shouldn’t matter.

    1. In the pitch black dirt roads of the country my car broke down. I did not want to leave the comfort of my car. I felt like I was being watched. Y’know, that feeling of being not alone when you should be. When I got out of the car there was a skinless man standing around 20 feet behind me slightly to my right. man. He had a distorted face with reddish black fleshy muscles. He had black eyes, long nails, and pointed, but short fingers. He looked angry. I shook like a leaf. He lunged at me and I hit him over the head with my flashlight (at this point I was physically shaking and crying, but there was no time for crying. Time was of the essence). He dropped to the ground and I hit him again, still in the head. I ran, but I was getting deeper and deeper into a very dark woodsy area. I turned my flashlight off and noticed the ground was wet and cold. It took my a minute, but I realized that the dripping was blood. I backed away from where I came from.

      I kept running. After that I heard a horrifying screech as sounding if it came from that thing. I came across a offroad 4×4 path. it went uphill. there was a broken down telephone pole in front of me. it eventually lead to large field surrounded by trees and in the middle a steel supported watchtower. Stupid me decided to climb up there. in the middle there was a table with a Beretta M9 on it. of course I grabbed it. it had around half a magazine full of rounds in it. I heard the screech again. It sounded a lot closer. eventually I heard footsteps coming up the watchtower stairs. There it was. 4 feet away from me. It opened its blood covered mouth to reveal a set of thousands of teeth. all on the same row. top and bottom. I grabbed the pistol and shot five rounds. I cant remember anything after that. I woke up on my families couch. they said I was covered in blood. I had my eyes gashed out they said. Im blind now. I still think about that evening.

    1. In a silly way tho like it’s totally reasonable for them to be confused at first I really doubt they’d get worse treatment cuz their trans

  4. Ok this is weird but hey it works for them.
    As a heterosexual man, I wish I can get pregnant and give birth and maybe relieve my heterosexual wife from all those nine months she had to endure but I wasn’t born that way and I’m happy with what God gave me.

    1. I wish heterosexual men could carry babies somehow bc if my future husband wants kids I can’t give them to him bc Im way too scared to give birth

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