Makeup tips for women over 50 – Concealer tips for women over 50

In this video Dawn Gallagher and Joseph Boggess show you their top concealer tips for women over 40, 50. Get GREAT skincare including toner – and use code Dawn10 for 10% for all skincare items – toner, lotion, face cream, eye gel, body oils and serums!

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Joseph Boggess shows us how with his concealer tips.
Please see his instagram page @josephboggess2197.

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40 Comments on “Makeup tips for women over 50 – Concealer tips for women over 50”

  1. New subscriber here and I’m so glad I’ve found your channel. Can you clarify the name of the foundation that Joseph is using? It was very hard to hear what he said.

  2. Oh my! I’m 65 and concealer/powder is my enemy! I’ll try his suggestions but honestly how does one keep it from creasing in those aging eyes without drying/setting with powder?

    1. Dawn has MANY videos that are sure to help you lovely lady. You can also get some amazing advice from her on Pintrest (if you have it) under the board name, ‘Gorgeous Old Gals’
      I truly hope you’ll find the advice that suits you. After all, who says that we can’t look ‘GORGEOUS’ at ANY age? 💖😘

  3. Oh wow thank you so much for the tip, I’ve never seen this before! I’m turning 36 in a months time, and I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, but I’m starting to show a couple of fine lines. And I’ve noticed that if I do concealer the way most yt’ers do, I just creases, and don’t get me started on “baking”, my eyes look worse than a dried out prune. 😂

  4. Hi Dawn, I have just found your channel. I was searching for mature aged YouTube ladies that can advise on skincare and makeup techniques to help minimise the look of wrinkles. However many of them have had fillers and Botox and each to their own but Of course that gives a better canvas to work on when they’re demonstrating things. So may I ask have you had anything done? I’m eager to find someone with their natural skin. Thank you.

    1. Dawn Gallagher thank you for the reply! No I can’t completely tell as you look great! Aghhhh finally I have found someone that doesn’t use fillers or Botox. I was losing hope! 😂 I’m so happy and look forward to watching more of your videos! 🌺

    2. Dawn Gallagher absolutely: people are free to do as they please with their faces and bodies. I don’t judge either. But I am thrilled to find someone natural here on YouTube because I haven’t up until now. I just did my homework on who you are and your philosophy and I apologise for my ignorance. 😊☺️

    3. Thank you!! Yes, I try to stay on the natural spectrum with healthy eating, exercise and a happy life (limited stress, if that’s possible). I want women to know they can look and feel beautiful without surgery. XO

  5. So beautiful adore you and love your new videos girl . I’m off Facebook and miss your posts but I can keep up with you via YouTube xoxoxo hope your doing well gorgeous

  6. OK I am going to start using a wand to initially apply- I always use my finger or a concealer brush. And not totally blending in the concealer totally is something I have not heard before.

  7. Hello Dawn Joseph is a great makeup artist, and more importantly seems to be a lovely gentleman on the inside. You look beautiful either way. Co ntinued great health, and peace to both of you.

  8. Great job on you but will like this same tutorial on somebody with real skin discoloration problem, dar circles from blood vessels picking through in inner upper and bottoms eye…you have nearly perfect skin and it’s no help to the majority of mature skin problems ladies!

  9. Absolutely REMARKABLE! Re-shared to 📌📌 again to keep your wonderful videos relevant and new!
    You get so many repins Dawn, you and Joseph AND your other videos are incredibly popular and helping literally tens of thousands of women world wide! You’re truly a ⭐⭐⭐

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