Makeup Mistakes to AVOID! Mature Women!

In this video Dawn Gallagher pairs up makeup artist Stephania Parent to show you makeup mistakes and tips to avoid for mature women. As we get older we become more beautiful so we want to enhance that beauty and not hide it. Subscribe to Dawn

All makeup used in this video is mostly glossier. It's not just for younger gals.
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About this video: I know that I make mistakes when doing my makeup. Here I have professional makeup artist Stephania Parent showing us mistakes to avoid as we get older and more beautiful.

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In this video Dawn Gallagher gives you day to night makeup for women over 50,
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25 Comments on “Makeup Mistakes to AVOID! Mature Women!”

  1. Interesting! Amazing! The difference is incredible. Thank you so much for the tips. I am totally sure that the inner beauty is the real one – you can’t paint it. Make up is just an enhancer. ☺🙏💃

  2. Great tips for this 51 year old! One of my favorite shows when I was a little girl was Bewitched. You remind me so much of the gorgeous Samantha.

  3. I have to go to a professional to pluck and (sorry word,brainfart🙈) colour my brows..going to the hairdressers first, thinking about cutting it to about something like yours !
    So many tips and tricks- 👍
    Great video !
    Love book’s about beauty!

    Binging your videos 🍿❤
    Keep up the fabulous work my sweet friend 💪♀

  4. Excellent advice,bang on! Definitely agree especially with our inner beauty/selves needs as much care and looking after as our outward beauty. I realised this at 40,and decided I’d do my utmost best for the rest of my life to nurture, protect and care for my inner self and outward beauty equally. Loving this channel, 10/10!!

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