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26 Comments on “MAGIC BLUSH 😨????”

    1. @A “I’m pretty sure that’s just how her voice sounds. It’s very unique!” I know what you meant. If you watch her older videos she sounds the same so either she was born with that voice or there’s some underlying medical condition.

  1. I think this blush would look even better on a darker skintone. Because it already is so pigmented i think it would show up very well on black people!

  2. Love how she UNLIKE other influencers. (1) use the product nicely as per instructions (2) always find a way to make the product work by redoing it (3) always give positive feedback 💕

  3. Camaleon Cosmetics is a Spanish brand I believe, they also have a magic lipstick. As a Spaniard I’m so happy to see Deni trying products from my country, I’m glad she liked in and she looks adorable as always!! 😀

  4. So for those of you don’t know the magic blush technically matches with your pH level so it changes to match your pH level so it just goes perfectly with your skin yeah

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