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This LOSE BELLY FAT IN 7 DAYS Challenge from CureFit is the perfect workout for you to burn those unwanted belly fat in just 7 days. Say yes to healthy living with CureFit!

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0:00 Intro
1:08 1 – Jumping Jacks
2:14 2 – Mountain Climbers
3:31- 3 – Elbow Plank
4:47 4 – Flutter Kicks
5:56 5 – High Knees
7:01 6 – Russian Twists
8:23 7 – Leg Tuck Ins
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10:04 8 – Bicycle Crunches
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95 Comments on “LOSE BELLY FAT IN 7 DAYS Challenge | Lose Belly Fat In 1 Week At Home | Cult Fit | CureFit”

  1. I did this workout for 3 days without expecting anything. I thought what could such a short workout do? And just for fun I measured my waist. I lost 1.5 inches from my lower waist and 1 from my upper waist. It was hard to believe it!! Thumb up for this video 👍🏼

    1. I salute the madam, strong exercise ,healthy and fitness body once again I salute you ,those who are observing really they will happy

  2. Finished my seventh day.Feeling lot better than a week ago.At the start it was tough and I was able to do 3 workouts for 45 seconds.But it improved gradually and now it became one of my hobbies.Now I’m feeling fitter than earlier and hoping to continue this daily.Thanks a lot for this video! Cheers!

  3. Here after 7 months…
    My weight was 80kg and now I am 63kg. This video really helps.
    I walked 10000 steps each day and followed this video. TRUST THE PROCCES GUYS👊🤝

    1. ​​@kuudere
      I can see changes.
      I’m almost 78 kgs.
      5 din me hi 0.5% abs dikhne lage. Even my brother mentioned it.
      I also practice 12 Sun Salutations before this.

  4. I’ve been using this workout to not just lose fats but, I’m as well using this in order to control my anger issues. Losing your excessive energy to working out honest works pretty well for me. Thanks for this video!

    1. You got me dear …. I also have anger issue most of the time like if there is any work pressure or something like that I’ll get angry all of sudden 😞

  5. Completed my 7 Days challenge. Good one. Thank you. Perfect duration of timing in order to keep up with my commitment to show up and do the work out each day

    1. @Ankita Singh i did not check my belly fat numbers. Even though the title is enticing, my intention was to commit for a 7 Day under 15 minutes exercise. I was also curious to see what the eight exercises are. I was able to keep up my commitment.

  6. I was doing this for past 1 year daily along with 30 min cardio (also proper calorie counting diet)…. I can see the change .. I lost 27 kg and my waist size changed from 32 to 26❤

    1. Even me I lost 10 kgs even though I didn’t do it properly and not every day too in 6 months, this works too good
      I also had cheat days
      But one thing you need to make sure, the diet plan is the most important component in such weight lose methods

  7. Thank you for this amazing work out. Looking for a video of how to lose belly fat and this video popped up. I’ve been doing this exercise every morning and it does really help me. ❤

    1. @Neha Jain Jain even if we do work out but fail to watch what we eat, then you may not get good result. Diet plays a very important role if you want to get good results. For me yes.., gym +diet + this belly fat exercise. It’s helping me a lot. 😊

  8. I’ve done these exercises for about 10 days now and what I can say for sure is I feel much better doing them now than a week back. I found them very difficult initially and took breaks between each exercise but now I’m able to do them all at a stretch for 45 seconds. Will keep doing this for a few months and looking forward to seeing some amazing results! 🎉❤

  9. Day 6 and i see changes. I also follow another workout with this in the morning. And a dance workout in the evening (if you find burning calories hard. Then i highly recommend trying that). It’s so much fun!!

  10. girl, you’re so strong. It’s hard for me to breath while doing this workout, but you’ve managed explain the exercises and talk with a smile😧

  11. I am doing these workouts while watching your video and guess what it seems so easy but while doing the same actually you can feel the real pain behind this. hats off to you ma’am that you are doing the same as well as giving instructions ❤️

  12. Here’s my experience to this 12 min workout…I was 60kgs in April and now I’m at 52kgs…this really helps. And the only thing which I had to control (I was successful to an extent 😉) all this while was my sugar intake. Have followed no other dietary plans. Just regular home made food and everything and anything on cheat days.

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