I tried THE WEIRDEST recipes I could find

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36 Comments on “I tried THE WEIRDEST recipes I could find”

    1. You are literally the best makeup artist I’ve seen on YouTube today and also I’ve missed you a lot you make me smile almost everyday when I watch your videos

  1. Cups also used to confuse me but it’s actually an American measurement system and the „cups“ are all the same size you can buy them anywhere. 1 cup for example is like 120gr of flour. You can find the cups online or how to get cups in other measurements 😊

    1. Cups are to be converted into litres, as it’s a volume. You can’t convert it to grams, as different densities give different results. 1 cup is roughly 2.4 dl.

  2. Deni + Cooking = Fail = Good day for me.

    I’m ill right now and I’m constantly streaming your videos while in bed cause they make me laugh and laughing is Like medicine

  3. I must ask: How much coffee did Deni have before filming this video? LOL Those rapid fire jokes had me cracking up nonstop! 🤣 Thank you for the laughs!

  4. Yes, cups and tablespoons and teaspoons are standardized American units of measurement — although I admit, I assumed it was standardized units of measurement for cooking and baking no matter where you are.

    FYI for frosting, if the texture is too liquidy, just keep adding powdered sugar until it’s the consistency you want. 😘

  5. Finally she updated……I missed her…she never fails to amuse me….I think that now she reached her peak of humour and she always cones with smthg new…

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