I tried THE CHEAPEST Makeup Products I Found

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34 Comments on “I tried THE CHEAPEST Makeup Products I Found”

  1. Oh! I’m from Poland and actually I don’t like using foundation but when I REALLY need to use one, Im always taking this one what you used in your video (the lierene one), well I’m using it just because it’s cheap :p

    1. @Still Leiden yes that’s true but mostly the cheap ones doesn’t have pigmentation as you could see in video. And most of my cosmetics are cheap because prices are just to big for teen like me :/

  2. Can totally relate to the grandma story!! My grandma literally has one lipstick and she uses it as blush and eye shadow!! Multifunctional🤣🤣🤣 The Stay Matte Powder I have the same one and your description was accurate!! I LOVE 💘 💗 ♥ YOUR VIDEOS! Your editing is amazeballs. Chef’s Kiss… You deserve every follower you have!! Rock on 🤘

  3. Delia and Lierene are actually a pretty decent brand, ingredient wise. They are cheap because they probably get their ingredients from or the products and/or are manufactured in countries that score low on workers rights, something to take into consideration. Also avoid Talc in make-up (usually found in cheap make-up but also still in MAC products) as Talc is mined in the same earth layers as asbestos and can be contaminated.

    1. Delia, lovely and Lirene are Polish brands. Lirene and lovely are very popular on our country and they have (like Lirene 98% ingredients of natural origin )many natural products.

    1. I think shes mentioned that her bf does all the editing and whatnot. Theyre a team in her YT channel, the behind the scenes guy lol.

  4. Thank you for this video! I’ve done my makeup with cheap drugstore makeup for most of my adult life because I couldn’t afford anything else. This showed me that it wasn’t necessarily my technique which I had thought was bad (especially the eyeshadow fading as you blend) and I would avoid doing my makeup. You really do get what you pay for.

  5. It’s been two weeks since I found this YouTube channel and ahhhhh~~ I love deni she is sweet and makes the videos fun to watch more and more of deni’s makeup apps and experience

  6. No words to praise your beauty, cuteness, editing skills and art skills to turn worsts things better👍🏻……I noticed your hairs, they looked really amazing and different…..Love you❤️…keep making these videos and turning my boring day into cheerful…I actually love to see your videos again and again..♥️ Love from Pakistan🇵🇰

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